update Andread 2.2.9 Pro v8f for mini pro

1) enter in recovery

2) backup

installation thread click here

3) wipe system
4) wipe cache
5) format sd-ext
6) wipe dalvik-cache
7) install andread 2.2.9 pro v8f
8) install fix dual touch if you have last firmware
9) reboot your phone and start for the first time with andread 2.2.9 pro v8f
10) reboot in recovery
11) install optional fix if you want new contacts and new dialer
12) restore backup from recovery with advanced restore (you must manually restore choosing first data, then cache, then system, then sd-ext reboot your phone and you will have you’re phone updated and with all your last settings and apps)

– all update are now included (gmaps and street view can install and work without problem now, fix ram optimization)
– trasparente settings,contact,dialer,email,caledar
– dialer fixed and new graphics
– removed vignette and inserted free magic camera
– removed lgcamera and inserted free recodernow
– removed mp3 and act1videoplayer and inserted hikiplayer
– some minor irrilevant changes

5 responses to “update Andread 2.2.9 Pro v8f for mini pro

  1. Keypad backlit is still “ALWAYS ON” if the pad slide out!!
    Other than that, so far everything is working fine,
    although there isn’t any bundled app for capturing video :(

  2. I have Installed It. Its Awesome bt only Problem is with Bluetooth File recieving Service nt working…any help..??

  3. apps get force colsed …..previously used link2sd formatted my sdcard the had an full wipe and then i install this rom …….any help…

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