update for mini pro [ROM] CyaNoComb v1.4 – Optimized VM

installation thread click here
Plus Features:´
*Baseband verification
*OC – UV
*CRT CM7 animation
*Default player is now Honeycomb look one, removed stock
*Honeycomb theme modded, with Honeycomb Lockscreen, thanks to original creators
*Nice honeycomb bootanimation
*Honeycomb clock (free)
*Newer apps
*kFix 2.2
*Ramdisk Tweaks, that improves rom speed

If you have some BUG, report it here, thanks to dart760

Planning to be implemented
kFix widget + config options DONE
Dual Recovery DONE

Will never be implemented
Theme chooser / CM7 framework

Links (Please Don’t Mirror)
If you come from old version, you dont need to wipe, but it’s recommended to avoid any kind of issue

CyaNoComb v1.4 MD5: 8C1C3078889E5B823598211D8D17683C

2 responses to “update for mini pro [ROM] CyaNoComb v1.4 – Optimized VM

  1. i am having some troubles with cyanocomb, first , every time that i connect the phone to the pc, whether to charge the phone or just copy some pics , it freezes, and reboots, when i am using the 3g connection happens the same, any app freezes and makes the phone to reboot, second, the missing camera shutter sound is driving me nutz when i try to take a picture towards to me and someone else, any advice

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