update for x8 [ROM] X8 | HACKDROID ROMS

Hi guys,
as the title says, I managed to port the Hero/Legend/Gratia/Aria ROMs with Sense to our X8.

Installation thread click here
To install use xRecovery, busybox+xrecovery preinstalled in rom so you can restore backups after.
If upgrading from my previous rom to newer version, do Advanced Restore and restore only /system partition, all your data will be preserved.

These roms REQUIRE latest baseband version xxx15
Take the new baseband and flasher from my server here
or just the firmware if you have the flash tool already, here
Check if u need update by typing “busybox uname -a”, u need this (notice date) :
Linux localhost 2.6.29 #1 PREEMPT Fri Dec 17 18:35:45 2010 armv6l GNU/Linux
blagus – thanks a lot !

Thanks go to J&Z and Erasmux!
Enjoy !

3 responses to “update for x8 [ROM] X8 | HACKDROID ROMS

  1. my x8 is stuck on the reboot screen……. i think i accidentally install the update for x10 mini….

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