[ROM] MiniCM7-2.0.5a + MiniCM6-1.0.2 port for the X8 update for xperia x8 (3mp camera)

I did NOT make this ROM I just modified nobodyAtall’s 2.2.1 CM-6.1.3 ROM and nobodyAtall’s 2.3.5 CM-7.1-Pre ROM to work better with the X8 (and fixed WiFi and compass for the X8.)

BACKUP BEFORE INSTALLING!!! I am not responsible for bugs of if this bricks your device.

Gingerbread 2.3.5/Cyanogenmod 7.1-Pre
MiniCM7 2.0.5a – Google code
Google-Apps check latest here
Froyo 2.2.1/Cyanogenmod 6.1.3
MiniCM6 1.0.2 – Google code
MiniCM6 1.0.2 – Multiupload

Change log


  • 2.1.1.A.0.6 or later SE firmware and …015 Baseband.
  • Root and CWM Recovery installed.


  • Download the latest ROM
  • Move MiniCM7-2.x.x-X8.zip to your sdcard
  • Move gapps-gb-xxxxxxxx-signed.zip to your sdcard
  • Boot to CWM Recovery
  • Make a backup in CWM Recovery if you want to restore later
  • Select “Factory Reset” in CWM Recovery (no need to do this if you are already running MiniCM7)
  • Select “install custom zip from sdcard” in CWM Recovery
  • Install MiniCM7-2.x.x-X8.zip to your sdcard
  • Install gapps-gb-xxxxxxxx-signed.zip to your sdcard
  • Reboot (first boot will take ~1-5 minutes, wait)
  • If you don’t stick to the above instructions you might get various problems (WiFi, Data traffic, Bluetooth, App2SD etc). In that case, and before reporting an issue, Make sure that your Baseband is …015 (Settings -> About phone and baseband) and select “Factory Reset” form the top menu of xrecovery & Reboot

Thanks to nobodyAtall for his ROM, DaRk_dOg for the theme, doixanh for OC, andrej456 and doixanh for dual touch, jamesbond22 for compass fixes and thanks to racht for libs, doixanh for 3MP camera and for their awesome work.

Project’s page @ google code

Working:(Latest MiniCM7)

  • Camera 3MP – Thanks to doixanh
  • Wired headphone controller (Answer/hang up call, play/stop music…)
  • WiFi – Thanks to racht
  • Nodification LED???
  • Pinch Zoom – Thanks to doixanh
  • No reboot bug!!! (SD safe to remove) – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Video recording
  • FM Radio – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Froyo native Apps2SD – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Market works fine – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Camera button (with the fix above)
  • Brightness
  • Offline charging – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Headphone jack detect – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Audio Mixer – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • Video playback – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • YouTube with or without HQ – Thanks to nobodyAtall
  • GSM/3G/HSPA/Data/SMS
  • Sensors
  • Sound
  • Open GL/3D
  • SD card
  • Vibration
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • USB storage
  • Mute button in call
  • Compass

Bugs:Please use the project’s tracker for reporting bugs.

  • ANT+ does not work??? (can’t test because I don’t have any ANT+ device)
  • Some bugs with Bluetooth headsets??? (Don’t know if they are still there)
  • Text in FM-Radio is over the frequency number.
  • FM-Radio plays in speaker first, to fix change to speaker and change back to headset.

After I flashed this ROM my phone does not boot, why?
Take out the battery and boot to CWM-Recovery and do a full wipe, if you cant boot to CWM-Recovery try the next step.

I bricked my phone, help me!
Remove your battery and put it back and use Flashtool to flash this (2.1.1.A.0.6 Nordic firmware with latest SE kernel and baseband).

I don’t like the miniCM theme, how can I change it?
You can change theme with the app theme chooser.

Does it include real dual touch?
No it is not real dual touch but it works fine for pinch-zooming.

Why doesn’t WiFi work for me?
Try to delete all remembered networks or delete /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf, if that does not work try a full wipe.

How can I change the keyboard?
Open the SMS-app and hold the “Type to compose” and select input method and select another keyboard.

Dual touch does not work.
Download the dualtouch module from here and extract it and overwite the x8gesture with the .ko file.

If you like this ROM feel free to donate to nobodyAtall.

5 responses to “[ROM] MiniCM7-2.0.5a + MiniCM6-1.0.2 port for the X8 update for xperia x8 (3mp camera)

  1. my x8 is not working since i tried this one…..
    as i turn on my x8 sony ericsson appears and it turns off again……….. and again turns on and repeats the same…………
    do u have any idea dude..
    any suggestion …………..

  2. Can i install the MiniCm6 with XRecovery or must I install it with CWM?

    (Sorry for my English, im from Germany :D)

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