new [ROM] for xperia mini pro GinTonic.SE | v1.3 by slade87

Gingerbread 2.3.5 possible thanks to nobodyAtAll and DarkDog thanks for the theme.

based on MiniCM7 2.0.5 Here is the Thread

My personal ROM I currently use, 4 Corner (from the new Mini Pro) and ADW Launcher some custom additions.

Installation thread click here

-removed MiniCM Theme
-fixed ThemeManager
-included Hotfixes

-for me touchbug is fixed now

-partialy fixed bad touch(on the sides)
-Phone.apk thanks to Carpe-Dimi
-build.prop fixed for rom manager

-FMRadio fixed
-DigiClock Widet fixed

Special Thanks to nobodyAtall(ROM Base) and Dark_Dog (theme), doixanh (oc,uv,mddi,dual touch,camera), d4 (for keyboard light), cyanogen and everybody else who help

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