[ROM] GingerDX – v009 update for xperia x10 mini pro

Installation thread click here
If you get unresponsive touchscreen, please wipe cache partition, dalvik cache, and reboot twice

Thanks to nobodyAtall for some files I took from his ROM.

15.08.2011 – Port by eyama not me
Ported from v009
Added netfilter
New Edge glow (changed to white)
New lense lock (thanks to D4)
Phone.apk, Contact.apk, DeckClock.apk, framework-res.apk (everything resized to our screen)

Ported from v008
Temporally fixed OC (ill add to ramdisk soon)

Ported from v007
Implemented ax8_smartass module (better speed and battery life!) thanks to AnDyX
Transparent statusbar (you also can disable it)
AutoFocus Fix
LDPI fix (all credits to Eyama)

Ported from v006
Working CMParts from GingerDX
Finish call with back button
Eyama’s fixes for phone.apk and desclock.apk
Fixed ramdisk (thanks to Eyama)

Minor bugfixes
Ramdisk tweaks
First public release, enjoy!

Resized Bootanimation to LDPI
Framework LDPI Fix, thanks to stelios97
Extra features / fixed bugs

First port, need to be fixed for LDPI

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