[ROM]MiniCM7 Pro – V7x – GingerBread (2.3.5)update for xperia x10 mini pro

installation thread click here


– Root
– CWM recovery
– Only 2.1.1.A.0.6 or 2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware
– Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 due to kernel dependencies. This is automatically tested during the installation.

Before installing make in CWM “Factory Reset Full Wipe”
Attention! All your information, applications, contacts, notes, etc. will be deleted!


Q – Incomning call slider close number?
A – Go to Settings > CyanogenMod > Lockscreen > Style options > Incomning call stlye > replace to “Sliding Tab”

Q – White background in messages?
A – Go to Messages > Menu button > settings > And enable checkbox in “Black background” > Restart messages

Q – No working Wi-Fi or USB Tether?
A – Use Barancle Wi-Fi Tether

Q – No working dualtouch?
A – Apply here via CWM

Q – Freeze phone and restart after install app?
A – Wipe User Data via CWM

Q – Is when I press “Y” on physical keyboard it writes “Z” on phone and vice versa?
A – Go to settings > language & output > disable check box in the “android keyboard and go to mini rom manager > tab settings and extras > change hw keyboard layout and select your keyboard for example QWERTZ. Or read this

Q – Disabled Undervolt after overclock?
A – Undervolt so is contained in the Overclock it to include you can not!

Before you write, do something that is written on top!

Big thanks:
nobodyAtall, DaRk_dOg, doixanh, Slade87, D4rKn3sSyS, Carpe-Dimi, DangeloGH.


– MiniCM7 Pro – V7 Relase date 16.08.2011
– Removed Flash Player (install manualy)
– Removed Some files
– Removed LatinIME (Android Keyboaard)
– Fixed G-sensor
– Fixed Gmail

12 responses to “[ROM]MiniCM7 Pro – V7x – GingerBread (2.3.5)update for xperia x10 mini pro

  1. I will be buying this phone soon. I just want to know whether we can change the baseband and kernel incase it isn’t the right one ?!?!!

  2. Hi, im using x10 mini pro nad im using paul xxx mnicm7 pro v6 and I want to update to minicm7 pro v7x, but I cannot acess the links on depositfiles.com, is there anyone could help me…. Thanks

  3. Can someone please tell me how to install a hotfix? (V7x) I want to know if i should back everything up before installing. Will i lose my data? Thanks…. :)

  4. Hi. I am running MiniCM7 on my X10 Mini and I would like to sell it with MiniCM7 installed, but without my user data. Is there a way of wiping it or do I just reinstall the mod from CWM and select wipe user data first?

  5. HELP PLEASE! I’ve installed Cyanogen 7mod but when turn it on my X10mini pro it shows Cyanogen 7mod logo and frezzes. What to do!?!?!?? ((

  6. Hi hi, I’ve installed Barnacle but it seems that although barnacle didn’t throw any errors, my tablet is still unable to detect the WIFI hotspot. Not sure if I’m missing something here.

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