[ROM] GingerFroyo Super for Xperia X8!

Installation thread click here


What’s special and different in this ROM?

1. Pure Gingerbread experience.
2. Awesome Gingerbread CRT On/Off Screen Animation, thanks to doixanh.
2. Super fast and super smooth.
3. No overclocking, didn’t found any use of that.
4. Fixed all the bugs(Camera Button, Compass, MDDI etc..)



ome Tweakings:
I am too lazy to do these things publicly, so please do it yourself. 
1. After setting up, go to Settings>Cyanogen Settings>User Interface>Tweak Extras, and in ‘Select Theme’ select ‘gingerbread’. Reboot.
2. For making things better, you can download ‘Android 2.3 Keyboard’, ‘Android 2.3 Live Wallpaper’ etc..

1. Download the file.
2. Extract.
3. Copy the folder with 4 files to SDCard>xrecovery>backup.
4. Reboot into xRecovery and restore the ROM.
5. IMPORTANT: Full Wipe!
6. You are done.

4 responses to “[ROM] GingerFroyo Super for Xperia X8!

  1. Hi dude
    any chance of an update to fix the FM Radio? i notice that in this Rom the navigation softwares eg navigon or sygic tend to crash quite often. Also camera seems to betemperamental ie cant always view pics after taken it and the camera freezes after trying to view pics

  2. sorry man, i didn’t find the download link of GingerFroyo Super 1.4.16, can u post it here please?

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