[ROM] kuyaDROID | v3.2.175 | CM 7.1.0-pre [Android 2.3.5] | updated for x8



This is my daily rom.. I COOKED it to solve my problems on several CM7 bugs. Then I just wanted to share it.
My ROM is based on racht HACKDROID v.86Thanks to racht.
Installation thread click here
Old story… I created kuyaDROID-87 with camera fix to HACKDROID then I mix it with nobodyAtall miniCM in version.1 to fix FM radio and LED notification.
Now, I’m porting CM7 Legend Nightly Build in version.2 and above (I hope). Version 3 is the latest GB with 3MP camera fixed by doixanh.

You can see change log for bugs and see what is working or not.
And you can see CM7 Legend Nightly change log HERE.

So, here it is..


  • Feature:
    • Latest CM7 nightly feature (not everything)
    • 3MP Camera
    • LED notification
    • Power option reboot to xrecovery
    • FM Radio and VGA Camera/Video
    • Auto Brightness and new Performance setting (thanks nobodyAtall)
    • Dual recovery with multiboot option
    • SD and Ext App2sd
    • Back button ends call
    • MDDI, overclock, undervolt, gesture (thanks to doixanh)
    • Multitouch and smartass governor (thanks to AnDyX)
  • Requirements:
    • Latest baseband version xxx15
    • xRecovery
    • CWM recovery (since v2.6.xxx and above)
  • Instructions:
    • It is important to backup your latest Rom
    • Be careful to select the recovery for the update.zip
    • In recovery select “install custom zip”, or you can rename it first to “update.zip” then select “install update.zip from SD Card”
    • If you came from CM7, the update zip would not remove your data partition, its only removed cache and dalvik-cache.
    • If you upgrading from eclair or froyo, do “Factory reset (full wipe)”
    • Reboot. first boot will take a while and wait for a moment before using it.


2 responses to “[ROM] kuyaDROID | v3.2.175 | CM 7.1.0-pre [Android 2.3.5] | updated for x8

  1. Sorry for being a complete noob….i right now have a stock android 2.1 on my xperia x10 mini pro and I have not rooted my phone how do I go about installing xrecovery,CWM recovery and installing gingerbread????? Pls help…..

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