Installation thread click here

– Root
– CWM recovery
– Only 2.1.1.A.0.6 or 2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware
– Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 due to kernel dependencies. This is automatically tested during the installation.

The Works:
* Everything

* On my phone no! You don’t have to!

Before installing make in CWM “Factory Reset Full Wipe”
Attention! All your information, applications, contacts, notes, etc. will be deleted!


Q – Incomning call slider close number?
A – Go to Settings > CyanogenMod > Lockscreen > Style options > Incomning call stlye > replace to “Sliding Tab”

Q – White background in messages?
A – Go to Messages > Menu button > settings > And enable checkbox in “Black background” > Restart messages

Q – No working Wi-Fi or USB Tether?
A – Use Barancle Wi-Fi Tether

Q – No working dualtouch?
A – Apply here via CWM

Q – Freeze phone and restart after install app?
A – Wipe User Data via CWM

Q – Is when I press “Y” on physical keyboard it writes “Z” on phone and vice versa?
A – Go to settings > language & output > disable check box in the “android keyboard and go to mini rom manager > tab settings and extras > change hw keyboard layout and select your keyboard for example QWERTZ. Or read this

Q – Disabled Undervolt after overclock?
A – Undervolt so is contained in the Overclock it to include you can not!

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