[ROM] GinTonic.SE | v1.62 ypdate for mini pro

Installation thread click here


  • complete new build I put a lot of work into
  • almost working usb tethering (still stuck on RNDIS maybe its lun1 and not lun0??)
  • rewrite PointingDevice Interpreter -> No Touchbug!
  • Droidwall Ready
  • Every Flashlight/Torch app from the market works now
  • complete LDPI build (also Lockscreen,LatinInputMethod,etc..)
  • SEMC new 4 Corner launcher or ADW or whatever you want
  • latest CM source (last sync 9/19/11)
  • finally fixed Statusbar and Statusbarflashlight button
  • 480p recording without issues (remember please 480p is “only” 640*480)
  • alot of small bugfixes/performance/stability (locale, i/o,libservices, libui, etc)
  • fully working automatic brightness for display (Settings -> Display -> Automatic Brightness)

Features in the future:

  • USB Native Tethering
  • Wifi AP/ Tethering fully native
  • With ZombiePanicKernel no Chroot
  • native Keyboard App to replace SuqashiInput
  • uploading sources to git
  • add ZombiePanicKernel to ROM
  • add Kernel Features into ROM

None known so far

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