Action stations

Now that I’ve taken over as administrator of this blog I though I’d let you all know my plans.  As I want to re-jig a number of elements there will probably be a little delay in posts while I get it all ready so don’t think nothings happening.

To start with I was a little concerned with audience fragmentation: what I mean by this is that there are three core audiences:

  1. Blog followers who subscribe by email or regularly read the site
  2. FaceBook fans who follow the FaceBook page
  3. Twitter users

Ideally any blog should get all it’s readers visiting the site.  To do this I’ve changes the FaceBook page to import the blog entries from the site’s RSS feed and am using to push out tweets from the posts directly.  This should speed up the admin of the site so I don’t need to manually post to the different audiences.

The next steps are:

  • Work on the site look and feel
  • Create a new site logo
  • Update the sites pages
  • Refine the RSS feed and email subscriptions
  • Consider ways to make the blog more collaborative with Xperia mini users

A bit about me

I’m really happy to have been able to take over this blog.  I live in the UK and have been using an Android phone since the launch of the G1.  I own an X10 Mini Pro and have been following this blog since it started.  I’ve worked in ICT and Design for over 12 years in London and now live in Somerset.  I’d be interested in hearing from the readers of the blog and what you want from it so please get in touch.

2 responses to “Action stations

  1. Hello, You could add links to the three Categories of posts (X8,x10 mini and X10 mini pro) so that the users can find the posts they want more easily.
    I know the Categories are already implemented because i helped Spak with that – to make the separated RSS feeds on the sidebar)
    Good luck.

    If you need any help, just ask :)

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