What’s going to be your next phone?

Roll up everyone, how about a poll?  Now that there’s a new Xperia mini family out there what do people think?  Still bitter that SE didn’t come good with official updates and won’t go there?  Have a vote and lets see.

For me the core criteria for my phone are still the same so, if I were out of my contract, I would still want:

  • a small android based phone
  • a physical keyboard
  • a decent camera

For these requirements the Mini Pro seems to be the only option out there; really I’d like to have some choice from a different manufacturer, fortunately I’ve got about 9 months to wait and make a decision.


2 responses to “What’s going to be your next phone?

  1. am thinking of tasting symbian ANNA….should i buy 1????…..i personally wanna go for the Xperia Play(yea,i hafta save a few more bucks), but my GF is pushing me for the N8….what should i do??? :\ :\

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