Latest x10 mini pro news from the XDA forums

I had a little time on my hands for a change today and seeing as GingerDX is rather popular (and it seems doixanh is not going to be updating the x8 GingerDX that this is ported from for a little while) I thought you might like this update early:

The latest news on x10 mini pro firmwares over at XDA are as follows:

GingerDX pro v17 {ready for custom kernel} – popular, fast and lightweight based on Gingerbread

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch here’s the best place to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

ClockWorkMod Installer – Windows v4, Linux v4 – for Windows users it’s all self contained in the zip file, Linux users need to root first; there are links to the Linux Rooter in the thread.

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

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