What’s going to be your next phone?: Poll results

Hi all.  I thought you might be interested to know the results of the last poll.

  • Like me a number of people, over a third of the votes, are looking at the Xperia Mini Pro, or indeed already have one!
  • About a quarter of the votes were looking at a larger phone and shunning the whole mini theme altogether.
  • A fifth of the votes have their eyes on the new Xperia Mini.
  • An eighth of the voters are looking at mini phones but not Sony Ericsson.
  • The rest were well spread, interestingly only one was considering an iPhone.

My analysis

Well, what to say? Well, first of all thank you all;  In less than a week we had hundreds of votes.

I think it’s interesting that, despite the mess up of the X10 and X8 by Sony Ericsson a significant proportion, more than half, of the votes are still looking to Sony Ericsson for their next handset.  Perhaps this is down to the superb build quality of the hardware, the more recent support for the development scene from Sony Ericsson or the lack of any alternatives in the mini arena, who knows you can’t poll for everything can you??

It always seemed to me that due to the active development for the x8 and x10 mini, that as a Mini Pro user, I was in the minority but yet a number of people still want a keyboard.

Again thank you all for taking part, any suggestions for future polls?


One response to “What’s going to be your next phone?: Poll results

  1. Inspite of the hazzards we got for X8 specially we SE users should go to any other brand. I peronally is very much disappointed with this. But I can not strongly say that I will go to another brand for my next cell phone. SE is giving the elegant look and decent phone in a reasonable price and the most important thing is I am addicted to SE for last 8 years.

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