CyanogenMod-7.1 Released!

It’s my pleasure to relay the super news that with the release of CyanogenMod 7.1 SEMC devices are officially supported.  Surprisingly the news from the blog leaves out the X10 family (X10, X10 mini pro and X10 mini), although the X8 is listed, as I’ve been following the news before this I’m assuming this is a typo and as soon as there’s confirmation. According to the announcement there will be forums created over at the cm site shortly.

So what does this mean for your favourite custom firmware? Well, it does mean that, with better support for cm from SE, the experience for all community builds will be smoother and most firmware is built from the CM nightly builds so may not change a great deal.  That said it may have the knock on effect of a lot of users migrating to the official CyanogenMod and leaving the many variants behind.  Either way it will be interesting following what happens from here!

31 responses to “CyanogenMod-7.1 Released!

    • It feels like ages but the news only came out this morning. I think in a news feed they said they’d update the forum soon and now there are the 2011 Xperia devices, hopefully the x10 and x8 devices will join the supported devices without delay…

  1. Hi I am from India. Please someone suggest me easy steps to update my Xperia X10a unlocked (AT&T) Android 2.1 to directly CyanogenMod 7.1 Nightlies. I have just purchased this phone from USA and now wanted to unleash the potential of this phone. Please help. Kindly note – this phone is not flashed, rooted, debranded etc…

  2. So there wont be any release of CyanogenMod 7.x for the Sony Xperia X10 mini pro? that’s too bad :(, or is there plans of it?

    • There is a release, you can download it; at the moment it is missing features which will get fixed but it is not going be actively developed. It’s all discussed in the freexperia thread on the XDA forum. I expect it will get updated to CM7.2 too but there will never be an official CM9; the hardware is just too old and the drivers are not good enough.

      • but i dont see any link related to the sony xperia x10 mini pro on the cyanogenMod page, please man can you provide the link, i am driving nutz looking for this mod, because on octuber i downloaded a cyanogenmod zip file, that had the name xperia-x10-mini-pro in it, but when i tried to install it, it said there was an error, then i checked that actually the x10 mini pro was not listed, that was the reason of the error when i tried to install it, also tried cyanocomb and it got stucked on the first boot

      • It really doesn’t work properly for the x10 mini pro; you need to install a custom kernel and the only one that it works with doesn’t work properly. Just enjoy one of the other custom firmwares; I use MiniCM Pro v21 and am very happy with it.

      • ok, i take your advice, i use MiniCM7 Pro V20, but there are few things that i could not been able to solve, like custom ring tone for incoming calls, only the default tone rings, after being using some app and then you go back to the home screen it takes like 5 secs to repaint icons, i got 5 home screens, no bluetooth with a headset that i used to work with Cyanocomb v1.4, actually i really like it, after this little things because it’s pretty stable, Cyanocomb used to got stuck and reboot itself when i used the 3g connection, a shame because i liked a lot, so just to be clear, do you advice to change from MiniCM7 Pro v20 to MiniCM7 Pro v21? worths the shot, or this little problems will be there too? BTW there were not a camera shutter sound i had to copy the ogg file into the /system/ui/sounds directory

        Thanks in advance for any hint

      • Hello. Yes I use v21 and think it is better than 20. Had to copy shutter sound too and also lock home in memory due to lag there. Otherwise very good all round.

  3. Hi gaiusjuliuscaesar, dude!!!!! you were right, it’s pretty fast, faster than v20, and bluetooth is working, with the headset that i need , hurray!!!!!, no custom ring tone yet, but i can live without it, except that my girl friend keeps asking me why is not ringing the song the i gave you XD, stuff like that, but thanks so much, for taking time, reading the post, BTW, perhaps you know something about project NITDroid, the project to port Android to Nokia Internet Tablet, i got one Nokia N800, right now , i eventually use it for listen music and some browsing, but last nitdroid version for the N800 it was based on Donut, no sound and no mounting for the external sd card, so i want to ask you if you can give me some advice, hint, first to accomplish a port of my own, i guess it’s a similar process when some developes a custom ROMs, or i am mistaken

    Best regards
    Thanks in advance

  4. hi gaiusjuliuscaesar

    it’s strange but i no longer have root privileges on my xperia x10 mini pro with MiniCM7Pro v21, when i tried to use the root explorer , terminal emulator it say that i have no root privileges

      • yes i have it, that’s is the strangest thing because if i launch the console emulator, and if i type ‘su’. a toast message says that i gained root privileges, but if i try to copy an apk to /system/app, it says ‘read only filesystem’, i used to use File Manager from Rhythm Software, one can set the root access in the preferences, but when i try it says the same, that i have no root privileges and make sure that the phone is rooted, if you keep pressing the option, it’s a checkbox, for a little moment says that root privileges were granted but afterwards it says that i have no root privileges and make sure that the phone it’s rooted

      • gaiusjuliuscaesar

        Dude!!!!, you are awesome, thanks it worked like a charm. thanks again and take care man

  5. Hi gaiusjuliuscaesar

    i got the MiniCM7Pro v21, and i am also using the go launcher, but sometimes i feel that using livewallpapers and some others apps can slow down my xperia x10 mini pro, home icons take a while to repaint itself after you end up any app, what is the best over clock settings to avoid this, and not feeling that the phone is slowing down

    Second Question, i was browsing xda-developers, and i found there is a ICS ROM, i tried to use it but no luck at all, all i got it’s the boot animation on and on and on, like four time and nothing happens, this one is not listed on xperiaminicyanogem i guess it’s because is not a release derived from cyanogem, am i right?, have you tried?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello again Yes most releases have some lag at time; it’s especially noticeable in the home screen and status bar. Overclocking doesn’t fix this. Good news, MiniCM7 is now out for our phones it requires the nAa kernel and user reports are that it has no lag. This isn’t ICS, it’s just Flam.E (which is based on MiniCM) with extras to make it look like ICS. I did report on it on recent news posts. Also this blog covers custom android firmware on mini devices; while this is largely going to be about CyanogenMod it also covers other ports from ASOP. All the best.

  6. hi gaiusjuliuscaesar, i messed up my phone :(, stupidly installed a stock ROM, called, version 2.1, the stock rom was installed but no touch screen or keyboard respond at all, so i though i will replace the damn thing with another rom but when i pressed the back button during start up no cwm menu what so ever, i dont know what to do

    • Hi, sounds like you need to restore the original firmware. You can do this with PC Companion, SEUS or Sony Bridge for Mac. I’ve made videos of the process in the video tutorial section. Let me know if you need any help.

      • i already tried, SEUS says i got the latest sw for my phone, pc companion says that there are no new update for my phone, it has been a while since i used my windows partition, nowadays i have the latest sw from SE, SEUS and PC Companion, i dont know if that is the problem, having the latest versions of this two programs

      • You need to ‘repair’ the phone to force the update. Turn the phone off and make sure it’s not connected, you should find the repair option in the software area of PC Companion.

      • yeap i tried that also, it says, there is no still no sw available for your phone, :(, i dont know what to do

      • any advice or tool to use to downgrade this 2.1 stock rom, and get back to normal, some jerks are trying to charge me 25 buck to repair the damage, so they say, i need a flashing tool that doesnt involve to manipulate the phone itself because the touchscreen is not responding at all, flash a higher o lower version that 2,1, please help me

      • I promise you that you are not using PC Companion properly and it is easy to fix. Make sure the phone is powered off and not connected to the computer. In summary open PC Companion, click on the software bit, at the top there’s a link to repair the phone, choose the phone from the list, when prompted hold down the back key and connect the usb cable. It is straight forward and recovers 99% of all bricked Xperia’s. If you get the message that your phone is up to date then YOU HAVE DONE IT WRONG. Sorry for hammering the message across but I told you this in an earlier message.

  7. I checked the content of the zip file itself, the rom that caused that my phone is now bricked, and it has root or the in the sbin directory, there is a script where all things are put together to accomplish the installation, i dont know why all this happened , i got no way to rollback all this mess, no cwm menu when i pressed the back button,

  8. ok i got it, i will try once more, maybe you’re right and i am doing something wrong i will check once again, thanks for helping me again sorry

      • i managed to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but no luck with PC Companion, i tried several times believe me, i did everything you said, i tried my best, but the same message, no available sw try later or something , but instead i used “Sony Ericsson X10 Flasher by Bin4ry & Androxyde”, downloaded a generic version 2.1 and the touch screen works again, now i got my phone back, i will root it again in a few days, thanks for your patience and help

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