CyanogenMod not ready yet!….

Okay, so I couldn’t wait…  the wiki pages haven’t been created yet so the installation instructions on the CyanogenMod forums are incomplete but seeing as I’ve got a rooted X10 Mini Pro with CWM recovery installed I downloaded the CM7.1 release and tried to flash it; unsurprisingly it failed.  I haven’t unlocked the bootloader or installed a custom kernel on my phone so this may be where it all went wrong; I presume that once the instructions are complete I’ll know what was missing.

Anyway, for a laugh I recorded it failing:

Sorry about the poor video quality; I only have a G1 to record videos on….

13 responses to “CyanogenMod not ready yet!….

  1. i got same problem on my X8
    assert failed……

    Device: Unlocked Bootloader – (Stock Rom) – Clockworkmod v3 tryed also with v4
    i edited the build.prop, but with no luck.

  2. my friend had 7.0.3 on his x10 mini and was able to upgrade it to 7.1 without any problem.

    i’ve been wanting to do so too–flashing 7.0.3 first and then upgrade to 7.1–on my x10 mini pro, but i can’t find cm7.0.3 anywhere.

    can u provide me a link for that so that i can do so and report back here?

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