Updates to CyanogenMod Forum – 2011 mini and mini pro, x10 mini and mini pro added



Things are a-happening over on the CyanogenMod Forum.  Last night I checked and there were some incomplete instructions being posted for the 2011 Xperia devices, today it seems that someone has been rather busy and there are now forums for all the mini Xperia devices except for the X8 (which is rather odd as the in the original news covering 7.1’s release the X8 was the only ‘legacy’ Xperia device added).

I’ve had a read and, as yet, the instructions are fairly generic and the wiki hasn’t been updated to include the rooting and ClockWorkMod recovery installation.

Has anyone taken the plunge yet?  I’ve dusted down my old G1 so I have a working phone to use while I back-up then break my X10 Mini Pro this afternoon! ;-)

4 responses to “Updates to CyanogenMod Forum – 2011 mini and mini pro, x10 mini and mini pro added

  1. hay can u help me? i installed a custom rom after rooting my X10 mini (not pro)… but i completely forgot to backup my original (2.1.1.a.0.6 firmware)… now i need to get back to my original se android version… please tell me how to do that?

    Note: i hav soft bricked my phone once with flash-tool while custom roming coz i didnt read the requirements (minimum 2.1.1.a.0.6 required) my firmware was old then… now please need a complete guide or direct me some link plz..

    • Oh dear, don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll be able to repair the phone from PC Companion. I’m not by a computer right now to give you the links but shouldn’t be difficult to find!

      Go to Sony Ericsson’s site and download PC companion, install it and open it. Click on start on the support zone section then start phone software update. You should now see a link for repair phone which will take you through the process to reflash the stock firmware (also it should update you to the latest one too)!

      Good luck

      • thanks bro for quick reply,,,,i know the method of repair from pc-compan…but should i unroot my phone first through super1click…and uninstall xrecovery first before repairing ?? hav any1 tried it i mean is it safe to do it as i am afraid of hanging phone again in SE Logo !

      • Hi there. I thought you said that your firmware was old so you’ll need to update via PC Companion or SEUS. Repairing is quite safe as long as you don’t do anything stupid like unplugging the phone half way through… Good luck buddy

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