Latest News and Releases for the X8

The latest x8 firmware news and releases from the  XDA forums are as follows:

GingerXperia V10 – based on MiniCM but with Xperia apps and nice styling

A lot of users have had success installing the official CyanogenMod release due to the [GUIDE] How to Install Cyanogenmod 7.1 from Stock 2.1 on XDA, you can check out the FreeXperia development thread here.  The latest release is FXP042, main missing features are full camera support and FM radio.

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch here’s some links to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

Rooting from stock (2.1)

ClockworkMod Recovery

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

7 responses to “Latest News and Releases for the X8

  1. there is a lot “not working” or “i bricked me phone” comment on the official cm forum.
    is there any risk to my phone, if i follow the guide above?

    • I’ve not seen any reports of bricking. The main issues are VGA camera and no FM radio but there are other minor glitches. If I had an X8 I’d probably try it out just to see then go back to a ‘fully working’ custom firmware and let the other guinea pigs work out the bugs until they are fixed as I use my camera all the time. It’s up to you how much you use the radio and camera really.

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