Android 4.x?

I was reading through my daily news feeds and with all the ICS (Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich) news I read the article below and started to think what on earth it would run like on our devices.  Obviously for the 2010 Xperia devices it’s going to be down to CyanogenMod and the custom firmware developers to bring any updates our way but on ageing hardware with LDPI screens is it going to be worth it?

Nexus S Getting Ice Cream Sandwich, OS “Theoretically” Should Work on Any Android 2.3-Capable Device.

If you’d like a good link to the new feature check out Phandroid’s article on the New UI and Core Features in ICS

2 responses to “Android 4.x?

    • WOW, looks like Sony really have learnt from the mistakes of the 2010 range. Lucky 2011 owners! I wonder if the 2011 Xperia Mini Pro will still look attractive when my contract ends and I can upgrade or will I hold off for a more powerful phone???

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