ANT+, LiveView and MotoACTV

Who has a LiveView or any ANT+ devices for their phones?  I don’t but I do have a BlueTooth Polar iWL (a heart rate monitor) that I use with my X10 Mini Pro.

I use my Xperia X10 Mini Pro for exercise quite a lot, when I got my G1 back in 2008 I didn’t think about using my phone to record GPS tracks; it was a real revelation, in fact the upgrade to the Mini Pro came about from wanting a small phone that would fit more easily into an armband and the ANT+ hardware was a bonus.  When LiveView came out I was over the moon but then found out that it wasn’t very hardy and as I run and cycle in all weather just wasn’t an option for me.

With the news of the MotoACTV it seems to me that this is what LiveView should have been.  It is more of a stand alone device than LiveView which is more like an additional display for your phone.  It runs Android and uses a combination of ANT+ or Bluetooth for connectivity.  There’s plenty of information on the product site  It doesn’t say yet what ANT+ hardware it will connect to or if it will support my bluetooth HRM (they have HRM headphones so doubt it).  Expect to see an array of cadence senors etc on their way.  It’s a lot more costly than LiveView but looks like a great piece of kit.


4 responses to “ANT+, LiveView and MotoACTV

  1. I totally agree with you. The MotoACTV seems to do everything right that SonyEricsson did wrong with the Liveview. The MotoACTV seems to be a well executed concept. They’ve really stuffed all the tech in there, GPS, BT 4.0, ANT+, Wifi. According to reports it should be really easy to upload your workouts to the cloud through Wifi. Hopefully it all works well.

    What I want to know is:

    Will they open it up for app development?
    What is the screen ppi/resolution?
    Does it have a vibrating alert?

    Thanks. I’ll follow your thread.

  2. It’s got a 600 Mhz processor btw.

    Does anyone know which version of Android they’re using?

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