Latest News and Releases for the X10 Mini Pro

Again it’s a busy time for X10 Mini Pro users.  Here’s a round up of the news and releases:

KrSH 0.1 (beta) – This new kernel has just been released and works with CyanogenMod 7.1, it seems pretty basic so don’t expect great performance but does include CWM Recovery 5.  I haven’t tried it out so if you have let us know via comments!

MiniCM7 Pro – V18 – The latest release of MiniCM7 Pro bring back the FM radio and includes CWM recovery 4.  I tried it out but found that I couldn’t connect to my wireless network; paul-xxx (the developer) just updated all and said to reflash v18 from CWM 4.x as the bug comes from CMW 3.x; I haven’t tried it yet though.

GinTonic.SE | v2.4.6 – revival of GinTonic, Gingerbread 2.3.7

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch here’s the best place to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

ClockWorkMod Installer – Windows v4, Linux v4 – for Windows users it’s all self contained in the zip file, Linux users need to root first; there are links to the Linux Rooter in the thread.

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

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