Sony Ericsson shuts down and

Sony Ericsson forces us to close | Xperia Blog.


Sony Ericsson forces us to close | Xperia X10 Blog.

I had a busy day and was really shocked to find, with the small amount of time I have to sit down and read the news, that Sony Ericsson would do this.  I’ve been following since I got my X10 Mini Pro.  I can understand that Sony would want to own these domains but it is really nasty to shut them down just because they were too inept to register them in advance of announcing the product name.

I’m wondering what this means for this blog, I doubt we’re on SE’s radar but I may change the site URL to loose the Xperia name one day.

7 responses to “Sony Ericsson shuts down and

  1. Hey friend you should change the url urgently because this is a uregent matter, sony plans to shut down all xperia blogs and make there own to provide support and official software to flash android phoness etc, also pathnering with cyanogen to get all the official custom roms for there android phone. If you want to keep this site up you need to take off xperia mini cyanogen because you fall in there search area when they are going to search for cyanogen, so please put something like xcustomroms or modmyx someething so. Don’t put modmyxperia it was already banned n took down.

    • Thanks for the advice. I think that I should change it to minicyanogenmod as, when I upgrade, it will still be a ‘mini’ device and will probably want to run CM on it but it doesn’t have to be an SE/Xperia device. I will regularly back up and see if they contact me.

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