Repair, Root and Recovery Videos on an X10 Mini Pro (and some custom firmware trials)

Hi.  Yesterday I managed to mess up my Mini Pro (again) so when I used PC Companion to repair the phone I recorded it and put it up on YouTube.

Following repairing the phone I then used the CWMinstaller (it’s a combined download of the ADB tools, CWM recovery and SuperOneClick) to root the phone and install a recovery; I also recorded it and put it on YouTube.

I think they are very boring videos but have had requests for them so will add it to the guides and you can find them embedded on this post:

Quick Custom Firmware Trial

This also gave me a reason to try out a few different releases; I was happily using MiniCM Pro up to V16 but the last couple of releases have had some bugs (first V17 had no FM Radio and now V18 has wireless issues) so I checked out GingerDX, GinTonic.SE and SonyStyle (all with the stock kerne so installed any required modules for each releasel).

GingerDX Pro

I had high hopes for GingerDX and all flashed as expected but I found that it was a bit laggy on my X10 Mini Pro, I thought I should run a benchmark so ran Quadrant Standard a couple of times and found I only got a score of 611 (avg); in MiniCM Pro I got a score of 961.  The other thing I didn’t like about it was the inclusion of both Zeam and LauncherPro; I don’t really understand why personally I’d like the smallest launcher installed as I can always install my preferred from the market.  It seemed like a good release, perhaps with a custom kernel it would really fly.

MiniCM Pro – SonyStyle

SonyStyle worked great and with a Quadrant benchmark of 963 can recommend it but I don’t really like the stock look and feel.


Finally GinTonic; after a rather full-on boot animation i was a little weary but I found performance was very good, snappy and responsive.  Quadrant score of 941 so in the same region as MiniCM and SonyStyle.  There are a number of tweaks in GT, not all necessary but nice none the less; I’m going to stick with it as it all works nicely.

9 responses to “Repair, Root and Recovery Videos on an X10 Mini Pro (and some custom firmware trials)

  1. have you tried the Flame.E v.3? i am using it currently and seems better than GingerDx,Gintonic :)

    • I was going to give it a go but didn’t have a huge amount of time so left it out. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so hasty! I’m finding more quirks the more I use GinTonic.SE so am thinking about going back to MiniCM Pro v16 until the niggles with v18 are resolved so will try out Flame.E before I do!

    • Hey, I tried it out. I didn’t really get it; it was like GinTonic with some (very) minor changes. Thanks for the recommendation but am back on creamy smooth MiniCM Pro v16 which I’ll keep as my daily driver.

  2. Great new format for the blog! Based on your videos and having owned an X10 mini pro for a while, I decided to try flashing a new ROM. All your instructions worked perfectly. However, the re-boot seems to fail after installing MiniCM (something related to ‘bad recovery’), I will have another go in the morning. Also, I did intend on installing cyanogenmod 7.1 only to realise you need to flash with a new kernel. Having looked into this (and I am pretty technical), I cannot really make sense of it. If you ever want to post a video guide of installing Cyanogenmod 7.1 on an X10 mini pro you will be popular!!! Only down the road from you in Dorset, keep up the good work!

    • Hello there. Thanks for the feedback, I don’t get much so good to know that the changes are liked.

      Similarly I tried out the newest release(s) of MiniCM Pro. From v18 it comes with CWM 4.x and when you flash it it updates recover then when you reboot recovery the running recovery CWM 3.x sees the new recovery as invalid; you actually have to choose not to repair it. Bizarrely due to some errors with the way it flashes the first time you then need to boot back into the new recovery (which will now be v4.x) and re-flash the same zip file or wireless won’t work. I found that v17 has no FM Radio and v18 and v19 have bugs so have reverted to v16 which runs very well for me. I’ll check out v20 and on…

      Yes, I’m itching to try out the official CM 7.1 but do need my phone to work; I’m a little apprehensive of the badly written unlocking bootloader instructions so have held off, perhaps I’ll give it a go when I’m feeling a bit braver!

      Good to have some local readers, all the best!

      • Have now installed V19 and working with no problems whatsoever. I did not boot into the ‘new’ recovery and all still seems to be working (I actually just did a re-boot after ignoring the error). Indeed, it looks like there is no recovery installed at all at the moment (according to ‘about’ in phone and back key does not boot into it). So, I guess I will re-flash CWM at some point. Glad I am not the only one not getting the flash tool stuff…

      • That’s good, I don’t know why it was so flaky for me; I started getting insufficient storage messages but when checking there was plenty free so gave up and reverted to v16. I just had a read of the dev thread on XDA forums, it seems you’re not the only one with a missing recovery. If only I had lots more time to write guides, I spend a lot of time answering queries from people with semi-bricked phones because the documentation out there isn’t very good…..

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