FreeXperia development stopped

I’m sure a lot of readers know this already but the FreeXperia Project seems to have stopped development on the 2010 mini Xperia phones.  It understand, from reading through the discussion forums, that they will finish getting the camera and FM radio fixed and the CM automated buildbot will update when a new CyanogenMod version comes out.

The general issues with developing for these devices are that the hardware is too old for the future (Android 4) and therefore not worth the effort for just one release of CyanogenMod.

It looks like, at the end of this, there will be a fully functioning CyanogenMod v7.1 but apart from that we’re back to square one.

I suppose the good news is that it was noted that the 2011 range hardware is more than capable.

6 responses to “FreeXperia development stopped

  1. The official launch of CyanogenMod for Xperia X8, is not fully usable. I was reading the official forums, and various errors/bugs are being reported.

  2. oh come on cyanogen developer, but it is okay
    but ithink, we have to consider to save money to buy the new / better new phone
    how about xperia arc s is it stable yet???

    • Ah well, there’s still lots of cooks over on the XDA forums releasing custom firmware for us to use. The 2010 phones are really slow in comparison to current devices anyway…

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