Any Other Mini or Compact Android Phones?

The Xperia Mini devices (W8/X8, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, Mini and Mini Pro) are rather popular devices and showed that there is a market for compact Android phones.  Apart from the Samsung Galaxy Mini and the less attractive LG Optimus Me P350 does anyone know about other alternatives that are bucking the  trend for near tablet sized phones?

8 responses to “Any Other Mini or Compact Android Phones?

  1. ok…this m8 be kinda out of the line,but i think that 3.2″ devices are what the industry standard calls “small” now. the average size of the smartphones has grown considerably over the past few years. and frankly, 3.2″ is the “least” u want 2 have a good ‘android’ experience (i know, i m8 piss off many xperia mini nd x10 mini users by saying this)….am using the x10 mini for the past few months and although am a big fan of the modding power of this pint sized droid, i am personally searching for a ‘bigger’ android 2 use as my primary cell. don’t get me wrong, the x10 mini is a wonderful little handset, but it actually is a but TOO small to use as a primary set. i think i will keep using this cute little set but on the other hand,m8 get me a galaxy ace or an ideos x5 or a motorola fire (yes, am P-O-O-O-O-R :P :P )

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I agree, to some extent, and that the android experience is very focussed on larger screen sizes. I don’t agree with you that you can’t have a good android experience however. The 2011 mini and mini pro reflect the need for a larger display as they have squeezed a slightly bigger screen in at 320 x 480 pixels, 3.0 inches (~192 ppi pixel density) rather than the 240 x 320 pixels, 2.55 inches (~157 ppi pixel density) of the 2010 range.
      Yes it is frustrating when things don’t fit in properly in an app that hasn’t been built properly for the small screen (unfortunately I’m including Gmail as an offender) but apps that are well made work a treat (maps, browser, even facebook etc.).
      I’m still keeping my eye on a device with sub 3.2″ screen for my next upgrade ;-)

      • well, i think if we already have tasted a small device, shouldn’t we go in and experience android in bigger sized devices???…i think if we have used a mini from SE, we should go for a bigger droid which would give us a different experience…am rooting for the ideos x5…can u suggest any other handset in this price range??? :\ :\

      • I agree; if the w8/x8, X10 mini/pro was your first and only experience with Android then you should def try out a different device. I had a G1, then a HTC desire (it was my work phone) and then the X10 mini pro so went to a smaller screen and have been happy ever since but experiencing Android on both a large and small display is something everyone should try before buying a phone.

  2. Can’t add another phone to your line up, but my wife got the 2nd gen Xperia Mini Pro. She finds the screen poor and a bit hard to read compared to her old Xperia X1, but is really happy with Android. I enjoy immensely using her Mini Pro as the perfect remote control for our Squeezebox music sound system at home. It really is outstanding with its tiny size and yet has a perfectly usable keyboard. I might get a second one to serve just as a remote control when the current line up is old (that is in a year’s time or so).

    • I’ve not got my hands on any of the 2011 mini’s, I wasn’t sure if the screen is a big improvement on my X10 Mini Pro which has always a bit disappointing. It’s one of the areas that there’s not much you can do if you want a compact device. A dual screen flip might be a way of increasing screen size but would be pretty horrid. Yes the keyboard is a real revelation; personally I couldn’t have a device without qwerty, when I’m near others using their touchscreens to type on I manage to rattle out text at more than twice the speed (although I can’t say that the content is of a higher calibre ;)).

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Other popular compact androids at the moment are the HTC Wildfire S and the compact-but-not-really-small Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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