News and Releases for the 2011 Xperia Mini, Mini Pro and Active

This is the first of my news round ups for the 2011 mini devices.  I don’t have either but I do look at the XDA forums and other news sites for the latest buzz (perhaps when my contract on my X10 Mini Pro comes up I’ll be upgrading!)

The latest news and releases over on the XDA forums are as follows:

CM7.1.0 – FXP044 – FreeXperia Project– The development of the official CyanogenMod continues at a great pace;  it seems that they are nearly there and only FM bugs remain (well as far as core functionality goes, I’m sure that small glitches are present but are being ironed out all the time).  Instructions are there for Mini, Mini Pro and Active.  Also there’s a discussion on: Issues and solutions for CM on SK17i which will be helpful if you are trying it out and have probs.

General Updates based on the latest firmware – With the rollout of the official 2.3.4 firmware a number of discussion threads have been listed, most are the stock firmware with Root added and can be found via the main XDA discussion section.

Feedback from 2011 devices is much appreciated; let us know how it goes!

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