News round-up 24 November

Hi everyone.  Sorry for the low activity on this blog of late; I’ve been very busy with work and just had a minor operation so not been able to get the updates out at the usual pace.

First off some positive news about our friends over on and; they have come to an agreement with Sony Ericsson and can continue with the Xperia urls.

A general moan from the author ;-)

I try to report on the larger picture and even though I only have an X10 Mini Pro include news on the X10 Mini, X8 and the 2011 Xperia devices with 3″ screens.  Please stop giving posts one star just because you are bitter that the news is about 2011 devices. You are supposed to be rating the quality of the content not the topic, it’s like saying what I’m taking time to write is rubbish.

General updates

Flashtool version – Flashtool has been updated the XDA discussion thread for the X8 can be found here and the X10 Mini Pro thread is here.  The major new features include: the Fastboot toolbox for 2011 line devices and Bootloader unlock for X10 Mini/Mini Pro and X8.  Anyone tried it out yet?

Unlock bootloader & relock bootloader | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro | – For me I don’t see the urge to unlock the bootloader and but to save people asking me here’s the link to the main thread on the XDA forums.

Device news

Latest news and releases for the Xperia X8

GingerDX | v020 – Some minor improvements for the popular GingerDX. Quoting from the thread ‘The main goal is to have a fast, smooth, lightweight CM7 with special features’.

Alfs for GingerDX |v04 – A kernel for GingerDX based on the FXP work.

XPerienSe 2.3.3 v0.1 – Sense ROM (Alpha) “Operation Salsa” – Okay a crazy name for this release but it’s based on the HTC Salsa so is wonderfully good looking but at the time of writing has a number of significant bugs and performance issues.

GingerCruzt Revision 8.2 – The latest update to this popular release with an unfortunate name include some minor changes along with the keyboard from the 2011 Mini.

Froyo Pro v1.1 for X8 – based on Doixanh’s FroyoBread concentrating on fixes not new features.

Ginger CyBorg 2.3.7 | v006 – Based on GingerDX but with HoneyComb and Ice Cream Sandwich features.

Stornmix V2.0.0 – A new release based on MiniCM.  Based on the screenshots it’s heavily styled with the Xperia launcher and the geometric sans serif font seen in other custom firmwares (that I don’t think is well suited to GUIs, but that’s just my opinion).

2.1.1.Clean.0.0 V5 – pfonck’s Eclair release gets a minor update.

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch try using the new flashtool listed above.  Alternatively here’s some links to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

Rooting from stock (2.1)

ClockworkMod Recovery

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

Latest news and releases for the Xperia X10 Mini

Now I don’t know why but there hasn’t been much activity on the X10 Mini for some time.  I don’t know why this is, it’s never as active as the X10 Mini Pro or X8 but it’s really gone quiet.  At least there’s one major update in the shape of MiniCM!

MiniCM7-2.1.4 – Gingerbread 2.3.7/CM7.1 unofficial port for the x10mini ‘The true CyanogenMod7 Experience!’

MiniCM7-2.1.4 Tweaks – A collection of tweaks for MiniCM7

nAa-06 Custom Gingerbread kernel + CWM Recovery – NobodyAtall’s GB kernel

X10mini S(ense) [sense 2.1 rom] [android 2.3.3] – a new release still in dev stages.  Based on senseonfire rom, resized to 240×320. Sense 2.1 on android 2.3.3

Latest news and releases for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Some unfortunate news; one of the major X10 Mini Pro devs paul-xxx has burned his X10 Mini Pro; obviously without a phone he can’t continue developing his releases.

MiniCM7Pro – V21 + Lite Versions – a port of MiniCM7 to the Mini Pro.  This is my daily driver, it does have some minor issues but is a superb release.

SonyStyle – V1.1 – MiniCM7Pro SonyStyle is no more; long live SonyStyle ;) well that was until paul-xxx broke his X10 Mini Pro and development stopped…

SimpleKernel – 1.4 Final – This was paul-xxx’s development on the Kamarush kernel which works with the official CM7 release but with no Wifi.  Since burning his X10 Mini Pro paul-xxx has handed source code to XxLordxX and naw3x.

CyanoCream Sandwich (v2.0) – An ICS styled release based on Flame.E.  This looks fantastic, anyone using it let us know how it goes!  A fiddly install so read the instructions carefully!

Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP Port? – for those of you who’ve read this thread already you’ll know that Slade87 is working on porting ICS to the X10 Mini Pro; don’t hold your breath but let’s hope for the best!

2.1.1.Clean.0.0 V5 – pfonck’s Eclair release gets a minor update in line with the X8 release.

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch try using the new flashtool listed above.  Alternatively  here’s the best place to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

ClockWorkMod Installer – Windows v4, Linux v4 – for Windows users it’s all self contained in the zip file, Linux users need to root first; there are links to the Linux Rooter in the thread.

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

Latest news and releases for the Xperia 2011 Mini devices

As you’ve all seen the 2011 devices will be well looked after; both Sony Ericsson will be releasing ICS/android 4.0 and CyanogenMod 9 will be making it’s way to your hands.  Who would have thought, after the mess that SE made of their first foray into Android in 2010, that things could go so well for the 2011 Xperia range!

Over on the XDA forums there’s plenty going on:

KRsH Kernel v2.0 (Mini) – KRsH Kernel v2.0 (MiniPro) – our loss is your gain, kamarush’s development has moved to the 2011 mini and mini pro with his excellent kernel.  Featuring: CWM, CPU Governors, I/O Schedulers, EXT2/3/4/NTFS FS support, Cifs support, Tun / Tap, Prerooting, IPtables / Netfilter, Overclock up to 2Ghz and Swap support.  Full details in the link.

CM7.2.0 – FXP047 – FreeXperia Project – Yep the thread for the FXP project. ClockworkMod for Stock Xperia Mini/Pro/Active/Arc – This is ClockworkMod Recovery (v. ported to work on Xperia mini / Xperia mini pro / Xperia Active / Xperia Arc.  It does not require an unlocked bootloader so warranty’s aren’t at risk!

4.0.2.A.0.42 (1254-2724) (Android 2.3.4) with CWM and Root – A custom kernel for the Active.

Phew, this took a while to put together….  time to get myself a cuppa!

2 responses to “News round-up 24 November

  1. Just so you are aware, the official cyanogen mod team has started an “official” CM7 for the x10 Mini Pro, Arc, Neo, Xperia Mini, Play, and Ray.

    • LOL, thanks for letting me know ;-) If you look back through my posts you’ll see I’ve reported on this a number of times. In fact the news turned sour for the 2010 device owners as the FreeXperia Team have decided to stop development for the older devices due to the hardware not being up to speed. Official CM7 can be downloaded for all of the devices but it has significant bugs and installation is not well documented.

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