Latest news and releases for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro

The latest releases for the x10 mini pro are as follows:


ICS X10miniPro Test 25-11-2011 Android 4.0.1 – Don’t get too excited; this is very early days but promising to see the development!

CyanMiniPro 4.2 – fairly early development on a modded version built from MiniCM7, MiniCM Pro and Flame.E

Standard U20 kernels + libril files + Dual Touch modules – A nice collection of U20 flashtool files

If you’re not up to date, or starting out from scratch try using the new flashtool.  Alternatively  here’s the best place to get your device rooted and a recovery installed:

ClockWorkMod Installer – Windows v4, Linux v4 – for Windows users it’s all self contained in the zip file, Linux users need to root first; there are links to the Linux Rooter in the thread.

Flashtool version – The XDA discussion thread for the X10 Mini Pro thread is here.  The major new features include: the Fastboot toolbox for 2011 line devices and Bootloader unlock for X10 Mini/Mini Pro and X8.  Anyone tried it out yet?

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

3 responses to “Latest news and releases for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro

  1. … Just had to go back to using my X10 Mini pro, and want to get CM7 onto it. Got the Flashtool, but now I’m stuck.

    Previously it had Xrecovery on it, but I have removed that by going back to stock.

    Used Flashtool to unlock the bootloader, and now Flashtool says “Device connected in flash mode”

    Anybody got a good tutorial of where to go from here?

  2. hi friend,sorry for this question..
    i don’t know how install mini cyanogen or mini CWM on xperia x10 mini pro.. if i do ma cell stuck in SE logo!!! ‘m trying this for a month . i don’t know how to install ROM? ‘m confused to fix flash tool neither in laptop(windows 7) or on my cell SE.
    And even i don’t know how to operate mini cyanogen or CWM menu ? please save me… i tried alot but i can’t succeed it… guide me step by step , send your guide to my mail {} adv thank u:(

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