Latest news and updates for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro


Flashtool version – Flashtool by Androxyde gets an update with Fastboot toolbox for 2011 line devices and bootloader unlock for X10 Mini/Pro and X8

Custom firmware

GingerDX pro v21 – Minor fixes for Eyama’s port of Ginger DX by doixanh

RS v 0.2 – based on stock firmware

ArcMini X – GingerDX pro with an ICS look and feelKernels

No new kernels have been released since the last update.

Dev releases (i.e. not for daily use)

AOSP ICS 4.0.3 – RC0 – paul-xxx’s AOSP port for the X8


Bootloader and kernel guide | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro| – SpyderX’s definitive bootloader and kernel guide

ClockWorkMod Installer – Windows v4, Linux v4 – for Windows users it’s all self contained in the zip file, Linux users need to root first; there are links to the Linux Rooter in the thread.

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