Latest news and updates for the Xperia X8


Flashtool version – Flashtool by Androxyde gets an update with Fastboot toolbox for 2011 line devices and bootloader unlock for X10 Mini/Pro and X8

Custom firmware

FroyoPro – MiniCM6 with Gingerbread features.

X-Rom v2b and X-Clean v1 – modified stock firmware (based on pfonck’s 2.1.1.Clean.0.0)

GingerXperiaRay_V003 for nAa – MiniCM with an ICS look and feel.

XGin 6.2 by Rieken Yuki – Based on CM Hero 242

GingerXperia V21b – the final version of GingerXperia gets an update for the nAa kernel

Stornmix V2.2.0 – some bug fixes in this release

LinuXperia Escha Arch 5 (Purple Mint) – a very purple release…

AtiCMv2 for nAa kernel & AtiFroyo v1 for Alfs kernel(with Monster Energy theme) – a couple of stylised releases.

S-Rom™ [V007] – The latest release of the Senseified GingerDX release

RDX_ICS_MOD_v001 – MiniCM with ICS features and stylings


nAa-08b – minor update with ‘Possible fix for screen cuts’

Alfs for GingerDX |v06| – updated to kernel version and some fixes

Dev releases (i.e. not for daily use)

AOSP ICS 4.0.3 – RC0 – paul-xxx’s AOSP port for the X8

SHINdroid V2 Honeycomb Style – not much know about this as is from Indonesia FB


Bootloader and kernel guide | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro| – SpyderX’s definitive bootloader and kernel guide

Rooting from stock (2.1)

ClockworkMod Recovery

How To Unbrick Xperia X8 | Kernels | Tweaks | ROM | Extra

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