Apps2SD and SWAP explained

I just answered someone’s question about partitioning their SD card over on the XDA forums and thought it would be a good post to put on the blog.  Those running MiniCM-2.1.9 may already be using the new Apps2SD scripts or thinking about it so hope this is helpful!

Swap is a way of increasing available memory so you can run more at once but you shouldn’t use it unless you have a fast SD card (it should have class 4 or 6 on it); it does work with class 2 cards but performance can be poor.

Using Apps2SD you can store your apps on an ext partition of your SD card, this is similar but different to the native android way of moving apps to SD. I’ll elaborate:
The native way of moving an app to SD leaves a bit of the app in memory and the remainder gets put on the FAT partition of the SD card. There are two downsides: 1; space is still taken up in the devices internal memory, 2; the app is not available until the end of the boot process which means that anything that needs to run at boot doesn’t and you can’t use the apps widgets.
Apps2SD in MiniCM uses bind hosting to move the entire apps directory to the EXT partition of the SD card, this has some advantages: you can still use widgets and items can load at startup, you can also create a really big partition and install loads of apps. The disadvantage is that, unless there’s a way I don’t know of, you can’t use the space on your phone any more; you can’t move some apps to SD and leave some on the device. Again a slow SD card can lead to very poor performance; especially when you have a number of apps running at once.

I won’t go into the caches and other things, I’ll save that for another day, but I hope this has helped a bit!

When I get around to writing some instructions in the getting started section I’ll go into more details but for now if anyone has any questions I’d be happy to help.

5 responses to “Apps2SD and SWAP explained

  1. i really appreciate this post. 5*****

    but on my x8 does not work, i tick the option, but it set himself back to none, i use Class4 any suggestions?

  2. Good, phone is much more smoother… Also i set SD-Cache size to 2048kb
    for better read & write

    and battery will last longer…

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