The Suffering!

It’s been a long time but, for now I’m forced to use my X10 Mini Pro on the stock SE firmware…. Man it sucks!!!

It’s quite common that I hear from people who are fearful of moving from the stock firmware; they usually say something like “I want a flawless bug free experience” I don’t think they realise how ropey the stock firmware is; also it’s got bugs too!  The other thing that noo-b owners want to do is to emulate the original Xperia experience; I can tell you that in every area stock Android beats let alone when you start comparing CM awesomeness.

Being back on stock has made me realise how much of a mess Sony Ericsson made of Eclair; a lot of people make out that the original Android 2.1 itself was no good but anyone who’s actually tried AOSP Eclair will know it was class.  Why they felt the need to change break stock features and replace with inferior versions I don’t know; what where they thinking!

In case you’re wondering why it went like this:
My USB socket on my phone started playing up, it took me ages to get it sorted by T-Mobile as it went to the repair centre twice before they replaced the handset.  Unfortunately I got the replacement the day after I cancelled my home internet connection and I’m in broadband limbo so won’t be properly online now until May. Basically I can’t download the files needed (flashtool 100Mb+, MiniCM 88Mb) to get my Pro back in order. Oh well, it will make me appreciate running custom firmware even more when I’m back up again!

14 responses to “The Suffering!

  1. Agree and I completely understand you.

    People are forced to hack into something to make things work…

  2. i have the 2.2 mod and cant update to 2.3 couse i need to unlock my bootloader but that will simlock my mini (e10a).

    so some times i think to go back to stock.

  3. A new firmware (updated build) new android version, will bring you newer features and general improvements for you’re device, xperia 2010 left us only with Android 2.1 eclair, only the X10 made an update to 2.3.3 gingerbread, so why not X8/X10 mini/X10 mini pro.

    They said “the hardware was not capable to run Android above 2.1 and other stuff

    Stock Xperia 2.1 eclair
    It was not what we expect, the build was slow and buggy, the performance/stability was terrible. they cut a half of Android OS (to be nice not only $ony !!)

    Of course they learned from their mistakes, everybody make faults?, see that’s why FreeXperia / MiniCM project was out there… SE lends finaly hand to FreeXperia devs, and $ony release source code, and other modules for newer Xperia’s 2011 / 2012.

    Okey what’s the difference between ROMs?

    – Stock manufacturer’s ROM
    Has limited customizations, bloatware / usseless apps.
    The features that the rom (depend version) should normally need is not in there. Disabled some functions etc…

    – Hacked ROM
    Modified manufacturer’s ROM.
    Usually maintains same look and feel as stock device (to a point)
    Tweaked and Optimized, performance is generally better than stock. etc…

    – AOSP ROM (CyanogenMod)
    Build from Google’s code. Manufacturer’s overlay is not present.
    Exceptional customization and theme options.
    If the rom is stable, performance should be superior to stock device…
    The features you would expect there will be!

    Remember without FreeXperia (MiniCM) was our Xperia 2010 useless. (for some people / some people not) that’s a choice up to you…

    • But what can I DO with the new firmware that I cannot do now? For instance, which functions are disabled?

      I might be interested in risking trying this if I could see some tangible benefit, but where the source code comes from really is of no interest.

      • The main thing, for me, is being able to use more apps and a lot of the apps that I’ve been using are not available for 2.1/eclair. A lot of apps require 2.2 and above. Also the built in google apps are outdated, for example the Google Maps on Stock is fine but it doesn’t do walking navigation, precaching map areas, directional views and more. Also the stock gmail app doesn’t render html emails properly so you have to scroll left and right, also it doesn’t have some of the nice account switching options. Really it’s up to you, stock works but the phone hardware is capable of more and the only way to do that is by running custom firmware.

    • It’s a shame that SE didn’t update the x8/X10Mini/Pro to Froyo instead. It has massive performance improvements over eclair, apps2sd(fat) and lots of apps support it; not to mention that the phones architecture IS supported in the froyo/2.2 source code… I’d bet if they had more than half of the users who run custom firmware wouldn’t as would still be happy with stock.

      • Good example to describe this stock firmware.

        Problem with restoring from recovery?

  4. I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here, or maybe I just want an excuse to upgrade..

    Here are the apps I use every day. Perhaps you can suggest reasons why I need something from other firmware

    Launcher …. ADW (I tried GO, but was having instability issues. I now think these were from Llama, but I haven’t switched back to GO)

    Dialer/Phonebook DW

    Location Profile Manager – Llama (it is a bit unstable, but now I can’t manage without it)

    E-Mail – K9

    RSS/Pod Reader – RSS Daemon

    Browser – Dolphin

    Calendar/Address Book sync – MyPhoneExplorer

    PC Tether – PDAnet

    Golf Range FInder – FeeCaddie

    Book Reader – Kindle

    Public Transport Timetable – Wellington Transit

    Note taker – evernote

    Media Player Controller – Bubble Upnp

    • I think that it’s important to say that the stock firmware does work and it’s really up to you whether you want to take the plunge. You can, of course, root your phone (flashtool is probably the easiest way and required for other steps in the process) and install Titanium Backup Root to back it up (in it’s entirety) and then try out custom firmware; if it’s not for you you can restore the phone to stock firmware using PC Companion or SEUS and restore the backup and you’ll be back where you started. The benefits of running a more recent version of android will only be realised for using it for a while and, at first, you may not even like it.

      Looking at your list of apps it’s worth noting that MiniCM7 has built in tethering, quiet hours and ADW launcher. Thanks for sharing; it’s always nice to know what others are using (i.e what I may be missing ;))

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