April Showers

As I still don’t have a decent interent connection at home I’ve not been able to post during the month so here’s a collection of news items from the month.

It’s no Joke!

At the start of the month there was a post over on the CyanogenMod Blog announcing a new mascot, Cid.  I didn’t post about it as I was convinced it was an April Fools prank and am still waiting for the ‘fooled you!’ follow up post; Yes, you can tell I’m not a fan of the new mascot but to be honest I’m not a fan of Andy the bugdroid either.  Perhaps I’ll come to like it…

2011 Xperia official ICS updates

It’s taken taking longer than was originally announced but Sony are pushing out the official ICS update to the 2011 Xperia range of devices.  It all started near the middle of the month with releases in Nordic countries.  The Mini/Mini/Pro/Active updates are expected from late May and into June.  Over on Xperia Blog you can read some first impressions of the ICS update on an Arc S and already there are guides out there to get root access on the ICS firmware.  The last word on the Sony Mobile Blog doesn’t really tell us anything new..

Xperia Active’s successor

If you’re a fan of the Active (I certainly am and would love to get one if it were available on contract in the UK) then you’ll be interested in the rumoured ST27.  Predictably the screen size had grown but only to 3.5″ so hopefully bucking the huge screen trend!  Again, more details over on Xperia Blog.

Sony ST21i ‘Tapioca’

It seems that Sony have throw all their sleek designs out of the window and gone for a budget phone with a budget look as the pictures of the chunky ST21i/Tapioca have recently leaked.  With a 3.2″ display it’s a pretty small device although there’s quite a bit of bulk added to the phone with a large bezel.  It will be launching with ICS and the specs, while modest, aren’t too shabby!

Other news

Retro gaming fans might be looking forward to a slew of Prince of Persia (PoP) variants as the source code for the original PoP on the AppleII has been recovered and released.

For those with no shame or sense you can now pick up an Android Hoodie over on the Google store, I’d be more than happy to post pictures of anyone brave enough to buy one and wear it in public!

It’s the last day of April, in the UK it’s been really wet with heavy rain to get us to the end of the month, I hope the weather’s been better wherever you are!

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