MiniCM9 XDA links

The links to the XDA discussion threads for each device are as follows:


nAa-ics-02 – The nAa kernel required for ICS

MiniCM9-3.0.1 – MiniCM9

X10 Mini

nAa-ics-02 – The nAa kernel required for ICS

MiniCM9-3.0.1 – MiniCM9

X10 Mini Pro

nAa-ics-02 – The nAa kernel required for ICS

MiniCM9-3.0.1 – MiniCM9


The installation is the same as MiniCM7:

  • Unlock the bootloader
  • Install the kernel
  • Flash MiniCM

You can find demo videos unlocking the bootloader and flashing in the video tutorials section. The videos use SpyderX’s Bootloader and kernel guide but the S1 Tool in the guide is outdated; a more recent version can be downloaded from here: S1 tool download.  You’ll need Flash tool which you can get from the Flashtool homepage.

 I can’t try it out yet as am waiting for my internet connection to be able to download all the files and tools.  Once I’m up and running I’ll do some comparisons with AOKP and post some videos.

11 responses to “MiniCM9 XDA links

  1. pardon my ignorance XD, but this can be done for a x10 mini pro, already rooted and let’s say with a MiniCM7Pro-V21 installed? nice to see that ICS is finally is for the X10 mini pro

    • You’ll need to unlock the bootloader and flash the kernel before you can flash MiniCM. ICS is still an very new release for our devices so there may be rough edges…

      • hey i managed to install ics on my sony xperia x10 mini pro, but i used an old version of Flashtool app, the new one is pretty big over 100mb it comes bundled with JRE, so far i am amazed seing ICS on my device, but one thing it’s puzzling me where are the cyanogenmod settings where i can switch the default app location storage? thanks for posting the ICS new for the 2010 devices

      • well to me the performance it’s nice, disregarding the fact that the video recorder is not complete yet, actually it gets stocked if you try to record a video using the camera, everything runs smoothly, the launcher and the rendering of the icons on the home screen i feel it’s much faster that the previous gingerbread based roms, i feel no need to install an extra launcher like go launcher, which is pretty nice btw, the phone app is also faster, doesnt get stuck when you try to hang up on something, the alt keys on the hw keyboard is missing but i can live with the sw keyboard, the dinamyc inclusion of word into the dictionary is pretty nice also, pretty smooth, i feel pretty happy to have ics and pretty happy to use it, thanks again for you post, if you know another way to make room in the phone memory to install more app please let me know, the great majority of app doesnt allow to be moved to the sd card, thanks and best regards

      • i noticed that some apps that used to moved on the sd card cant be moved to the sd card, when i was using cm7 this was possible with apps like maps and some others, now with cm9 i cant, any particular reason?

        thanks in advance

  2. As already quoted by Omar, the new flashtool by Androxyde is humongous in size. This may not be a problem for those using 3G services or other broadband connections for such downloads. But, for a person like me who has no other option but to use the slowest 2G GPRS connection (because of lack of other services) for any internet related matter, it’s a big challenge to be able to make downloads such as this.

    Moreover, the mobile network in our area is always fluctuating and it’s not uncommon for our devices to loose data connectivity because of this. Now, the problem is, I have x10 mini pro that’s running MiniCM7 by Paul and I want to upgrade my phone by installing MiniCM9 to get the taste of ICS. So, I managed to download the MiniCM9 file, s1tool and the kernel file as well. But, the sad part is that I am not able to download the flashtool because of its huge size and the network issues that makes it more difficult. The download links provided by Androxyde do not support resume function, meaning, if the download is interrupted by any reason there is no other option but to start the download again from the very beginning.

    So, here’s my request to the team who runs this website or to anyone who’s reading this post and has a resolution for my problem to please suggest a way to install this new rom in my phone.

    If it’s possible, can anyone download the flashtool and upload that file in any other website that would support resume functionality ?

    I am waiting for your suggestions……….. Thanks !!!

    • Hi Moses Subba, use the older version of flashtool, i managed to use to flash the kernel into the phone, because i had some problems and i was used to the older version, it’s much much smaller than the new version because it’s bundle with the JRE itself, it worked for me

      • Thanks so much for your suggestion Omar. I will try to download the older version and let you informed about what happens next…

        Thanks again…..

  3. I just managed to flash minicm9 after trying hard to download the flashtool but I am happy to say that the hardwork finally paid off. I wish to thank Omar again for his advice to download the older version of the flashtool that made it possible for me to bring this change here on my phone.

    So, for the few days I’ve been playing around with the available features of my phone with the newly installed rom. We all know that there are some issues that exist which would probably be minimised in the improved versions in future.

    As for the issue concerning the shortage of internal memory that worries most of the x10 MP owners, I use link2sd app. There is however some glitch otherwise this app used to save a lot of space in internal memory when I was using minicm7. Now, in minicm9, this app is not able to do its best (the reason is unknown to me, and I’ve posted a question in xda forum, i hope someone would come up with an answer).

    Otherwise, this app is just wonderful and does the best thing for our minis by giving more room for our favorite apps. This requires a 2nd partition of your sd card and its detailed information can be found here .

    It’s worth a try….

  4. I messed up my old xperia x8 phone, I install the kernal using flashtool and then I did that thing where you turn on the phone and continuously pressing the back button and then installed the miniCM9. I click install then it shows the cm9 icon in the background but then it ses install again, so I install again. I keep doing this untill I chose not till install again and I reboot the phone… Then it wouldn’t get past the Sony erricson screen. I waited 3 hours and the only way to turn the phone off is to take out the battery… NEED HELP

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