MiniCM9 Matures

This weekend I had the pleasure of testing a new build of MiniCM9 for the developer nobodyAtall on my X10 Mini Pro.  I’d already been using the first release of MiniCM9 (3.0.1) but decided it wasn’t there yet to use as my daily driver; I even worried if the 2010 devices were just too old for ICS so reverted to MiniCM7 (which is rock solid and fast).

I was really surprised when flashing 3.0.2; The speed and responsiveness of it struck me straight away.  I used it quite heavily and had no noticeable lag and even after installing a number of apps didn’t notice any slow down.  Pretty impressive for 3 year old hardware.

I’ve now got a Class 10 SD card so partitioned it to have 256Mb swap and 512Mb for apps2sd and then ran the a2sd install script from terminal.  There are, as there always is on the ldpi screens of the  x10 mini/mini pro, times when things don’t fit quite right but ICS wasn’t designed for ldpi at all so a real achievement by nobodyAtall.

The XDA threads for the X8, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro are as follows, respectively;

19 responses to “MiniCM9 Matures

  1. hi, can you share your antutu sd card Write speed results? i also bought class 10 from ebay but it seems that seller tricked me. Im getting write speeds from 4-7 MB

    and other thing , for a2sd have you used ext3 or ext4? because i read somewhere that ext4 has some speed issues.


  2. Hi… Been following this blog for a very long time. I FINALLY Unlocked the BL, Flashed the new kernel and i’m now using the 3.0.2… It is absolutely brilliant. But only problems are i can’t get my accounts to sync, No play store and no Gmail of other things. Is there any way i can get these to work on my phone? Everything else works brilliantly. I’d really appreciate some help.

    Thanks in advance… :)

  3. Hi… i’m flashing my X10 mini pro with MiniCM9 and is it awesome. But the only problem is i can’t download apps from the Google play market, how can i fix this problem? Please help. Thank’s.

  4. hi to all, has anybody faced a problem with your xperia x10 mini pro with ICS 4.0, (CM9.0.x) the phone is locked sometimes no matter how many times you press the power, back, home or menu button, after a while functions properly, or is it just me?

      • i dont recall having this problem with CM7 gingerbread based roms, well maybe it will be fixed in the future, does anyone having problem with the camera sound shutter, its gone, mute, thanks for answering

  5. MiniCM10 (CyanogenMod 10) for Xperia’s 2010 (X8/X10 mini/X10 mini pro) are available.

    nAa decided to give this a try and as always he done it right, have tested on X8 which is faster than ICS.

    If you know about unlockig bootloader/flashing rom/kernel etc. No further special actions are needed then,
    make backup flash nAa-jb kernel perform factory reset and flash rom.
    Project Page:

    ps: this is for testing only!

  6. hello there sir ! whats your username in xda?? id like to know whats the latest stable custom rom for x10 mini pro. im using minicm7 with a custom kernel naa11 by sir nobodyAtall . im just wondering which is the latest best custom rom build good for everyday use , thx.

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