Cyanogen 7

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

Note 2 : The theme can be changed via theme chooser. I’ve tried the blue theme and it changed the color of status bar and a few app drawer icons. And the overscroll highlight button changed from green to blue. It said that it don’t have enough files, just click okay and reboot to complete the change.

Before you install, please make sure you have rooted your phone and installed xrecovery here

For xperia x10 mini pro

If your keyboard language is not on the post, look here

Note : If you want to restore back up via xrecovery, do this first

open root explorer go to /system/bin

Press and hold on the file chargemon
Edit it
Event0 to event1

Fix thanks to Owain.

If you want the CRT screen off or on animation go to setting/display and tick on screen off animation.

Note : It seemed that since v8, animation had been disabled in the latest cyanogen

For xperia x8

alternative for x8 (racht’s version)

For xperia mini

Gingerbread new features

Concurrent garbage collector is one of the major improvements. This will minimize the pause in application and in turn helps well for smoother animation with improved responsiveness in all games and some other similar applications.
• Faster event distribution procedure in new OS is hard to ignore. The new OS offers improved touch and keyboard usage efficiency over the current Froyo. This will minimize the CPU utilization during the event in turn result into little burden over the processor. Some of the touch games that are combined with 3D features will be more effective through new OS.
• Updated video drivers should be appreciated in the new OS. The new OS comes with updated third-party video drivers, which can improve the efficiency of OpenGL ES operations. This will impart faster 3D graphics performance for games unlike the earlier Froyo.

Sensor Events and Native input Issues:

• Some of the applications that will use the native code can receive and process input and sensor events directly in their native code through the new OS and this facility is not there with Froyo. This facility will improvise the responsiveness and efficiency quite significantly.
• Native libraries exposed by the OS let applications handle the similar type of input events like the way those are with the framework. This is indicating that the application can now receive events from all supported sensor types successfully through this new OS. This will also offer a chance to disable or enable the sensors in order to manage the event delivery rate and its queuing.

The latest platform will arrange an interface to its Khronos EGL library. Through this, every application can gain control over the graphics context, create, and manage Open GL ES textures along with surfaces directly from the native code.

Activity Cycle and Window Management

• This OS will offer a chance to application to declare a new variety of Activity class, Native Activity that is with lifecycle callbacks and this will be implemented directly within the native code successfully. Through this, the Native Activity and its underlying native code can run in the system just as it does other activities.
• Native APIs for managing windows is another facility with the new OS unlike the Android 2.2 Froyo. This will include feasibility for lock and unlock the pixel buffer to draw directly into it. Importantly, native window object that is associated with the framework Surface object and this will interact directly with the native code successfully.

In others words, it’s faster, improve battery life, improved input fields, it’s better than froyo.

Assets and Storage:

• The new OS allows the application to access native Asset Manager API for retrieving application assets from the native code. Earlier with Froyo, this was done through JNI.
• Similarly, an application can access a native Storage Manager API for working directly with OBB files. Generally these OBB files downloaded and managed by the system. Now, Android 2.3 Gingerbread is capable enough support for OBB unlike Froyo.

This page is for people who want to ask non-dev questions. I created this to keep the original dev thread free to the amazing devs who are working on it.


1) Is this Gingerbread?

answer : Yes

2) Is this stable?

asnwer : Yes, it’s quite stable

For x8 not yet

3) When will it be stable?

answer : Be patient and have faith at the devs

4) Where’s the mini version?

answer : It’s up there in the link

5) How can I revert back to my previous rom?

answer : Restore using xrecovery (assuming you’re smart enough to back up first before installing)

6)Arkhh, I killed  my phone!!!

answer : see the I killed my phone section.

7)Arkhh this rom is horrible, nothing work smoothly!!!

answer : Eligible question for x8, it’s a alpha, be patient

8)Arhhh, I wake up late for work/school because of this rom!!!

answer : The rom is quite stable, it’s probably your carelessness

9) How can I contribute?

answer :If you are a dev, help them in their thread. If you are not, resist the urge to ask stupid no- dev related questions on their thread

10)There’s no NFC capability in this rom?

answer : There’s no NFC chips on the phone

Again resist the urge to disturb the devs working please! I know you are eager to see a stable gingerbread for our phone, we all are but please let the amazing devs to work in peace without disruption

See the common issues for known bugs and fixes

For xperia mini

For xperia mini pro

For xperia x8

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

273 responses to “Cyanogen 7

  1. i have a gmail account !

    oh i knew it man :D . already entered it but nothing changed , jump out of market very quickly when i run market apk .

  2. Hi developer,

    refer to the posts earlier which regarding to the CM& on x10mini, I could not store applications into sd card.

    After refer to the posts, they said about fat32. May I know what is that?
    And may I know what are the solutions for me to store applications to sd card?

    Help please.

  3. hi,
    i try format the sd card using computer and try to move the app (wizard memo) to the sd card but it still can’t and appear with this notice ‘failed to move application’.

    help please.

  4. Now occur another question here. just now i try format the sd card and i noticed all the application that i downloaded had gone. i think maybe the application is installed in sd card. but i confused because never successfully move the applications to the sd card as it always said ‘failed to move application’. but when i check in setting>applications>manage applications>sd card, all the application i downloaded is there. is this shows the application is installed in sd card automatically?

    after i format the sd card just now then i noticed the applications all gone.

    can you help me as i really don’t know whether those apps is installed in sd card automatically or it is not inside the sim card??
    help please.

  5. Hello developer,
    As we know when our phone is fully charge the battery it will automatically stop charging to protect the battery from over charging and damage, may I know whether this CM7 will also stop the charging automatically when fully charge or not? Because I notice that the battery mete always shows 100% when it is fully charge.

    Refer to the original 2.1 Eclair, the battery meter will drop until around 97% before it will recharge again. Thats why I worry if the auto-stop-charging is not included in CM7. Please update my information. Thanks a lot.

      • I not yet try to swap with different sd card. will try and let you know. May I know how you format the sd card? I mean by using computer and format it or use in the recovery mod?

      • i see. well, i didn’t partition the sd card at all. is this correct? now i tried to backup using CWM recovery and found it stated:

        No sd-ext found. Skipping backup of sd-ext.

        Is this mean I need to create partition?? Sorry I really confuse here and I’m a newbie for this thing.

      • Furthermore I factory reset the phone and it says that there are no app2sd partition found.

      • It sounds like it can’t find your sd card. Take it out and put it back in, if it still doesn’t work use a usb card reader to connect it to a computer and format it.

      • Weird I didn’t format and try to copy angry bird and not it allow already!!! LOL!!! If the app stored to sd card, normally the “move to sd card” button will change to “move to phone” right? I mean in the setting>applications.

      • Yes that’s right, if an app is on the sd card it will say move to phone. Sometimes an SD card won’t mount properly for no obvious reason and seem to fix itself, I had this problem in my G1 a few time. Weird indeed!!

      • True sir, I really agree with you. Last time I use the CM7 2.0.5 then really cannot move applications to sd card. So I try the latest CM7 2.1.2 and using the flash technique and found it really works. First of all really thank you for help me solve my problem. I appreciate your help sir.

  6. Pingback: X10 Mini Pro Rasa Gingerbread… « senenkliwon

      • This page was not written by me, is not being updated and has been archived. It was written before official Cyanogenmod came out for any Sony Ericsson phones so anything you see on it is unofficial. Refer to the posts on the home page and pages that are not archived for accurate and up to date information. Thanks

    • Which custom firmware are you running? Most have some of the google apps installed already and the others can be downloaded from the market. If not the google apps download is usually available on the same page as the custom firmware as a zip ready to be flashed from recovery.

      • Im not speaking English very well, but im running:

        Cyanogen mod 7 for xperia mini

        Recovery: Xrecovery

        Android Version: 2.3.4

        Custom Firmware: Cyanogenmod 7 for Xperia Mini

        Please help me HOW TO INSTALL gapps ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  7. hi i just got an x 10 mini pro i then rooted and put x recovery etc. like the video above i did full wipe then installed custom rom cm7 v21 the operation was successful however there was no android market app and hardly anything besides the main app and torch app etc. btw i selected adw setting so i didnt have custom type of menu. besides android app missin every thing was fine. however some1 i know did the same upgrade and it had themes and android app it had every thing and was same cm7. could it be they had all aps and themes because they upgraded to 2.1.1 offcial sony before cm7 21.

  8. okay just found out dat in xda they say dat cm7 v21 only for x10 mini pro 2.1.1.a.0.6 firm ware guess an upgrade b4 custom was needed thx however sum feed back still welcome if dats not da case.

  9. quetion for mr devfrost i updated to cm7 v21 no prob this time market app is there every thing seems to work however i dont have the theme that shows blue building windows i wana knw if thats sumting i am supose to download myself secondy i wana play games games like nova work wile gt motor racing academy sucks kees closing iself cnt play should i overclock and if so howmuch is safe im using x10 mini pro.

    • I run mini cm pro v21 but found v16 to be smoother. Gintonic is good, gingerdx didn’t do it for me. Flame.e or whatever it’s called has a lot of fans as does cyanocream sandwich but I haven’t tried them.

  10. i got a little question. Can i install a custom rom over another custom rom? not to revert back to standard? for example for the mini pro i got cyanogen mod7 and i want to install gintonic.Can i install it without reverting back to original?

    • Hi, you haven’t said which custom firmware you are using? Usually there is a link to the gapps in the discussion thread where you downloaded the custom firmware and you can flash it in recovery.

  11. hey wanna ask im using gingerdxlite but wifi doesnt work keep searching n if i disable will auto restart. is there any problem ??

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