Cyanogen 6

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

Cyanogen rom is an opensource android rom for people that want more than the manufacturer give them. Thanks to the great work of NobodyaTall, MikevHl, Owain94, and Ponanovn, the cyanogen mod is available to the xperia x10 mini, xperia x10 mini pro and xperia x8.  This rom is running android 2.2 and has much more features than that.

This is the most stable android 2.2 custom rom you will find anywhere else. It’s ready for day to day use with little bugs. This is the custom rom that I recommend you to install. The below video will show you how awesome this rom is.

Note : I’m using the xperia x10 mini pro for the video but the cyanogen exprience across the mini and x 8 will mostly the same.


This rom is a lot faster than the stock sony ericsson 2.1. Quadrant show stock 2.1 max out at 520ish while this rom max out in 1000ish.

Before installing, make sure you have root your phone and have xrecovery installed. You can find the tutorial text and video here

This is quick links to the installation of cyanogen 6

For xperia mini pro

A newer mod version with additional fixes by archflex here

If your keyboard language is not on the post, look here

For xperia mini

And for different themed rom here.

For xperia x8

And for different themed rom here

Note : If you have ext partition in your sd card, you don’t really have to remove it but there’s still a small chance that apps won’t install when you leave it on. BEside the froyo native app2sd works just fine.

Commonly found problems

1)Stuck in boot screen

It usually take ten minutes in the first boot but if your phone really is stuck at boot screen, pull out the battery( mini owners, follow the instruction here), put it back and reboot into recovery and factory reset (full wipe) then reboot. This is why it’s better for you to back up everything before installing. If it’s still stuck, then you did the steps wrong. Either it’s because you forget to update to the latest firmware or others, retrace your steps and reinstall the zip file.

2) Can’t install zip file

The zip file is probably corrupted, redownload the zip file

If you have issues that is not above, post it on the comment below and I will tend to your need. And every single new problem that occurs will be added to the post.

See the common issue threadfor list of bug and fixes

for mini

for mini pro

for x8

alternative for x8 (racht’s version)

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.


212 responses to “Cyanogen 6

  1. hello , i am using sony xperia x8 , and i flash it to srom 2.2.1 , all working but got some problem when playing video, playback not working (when i fast forward not really work & jump back to current play time )

  2. Hey divr, im following your forum but i got 1 problem , after i installed (76.42 MB)

    the celphone boots, but i got stack in the
    “welcome to x10 mini, touch the android to begin” screen, as much as i touch, it doesnt work , what could have happened?


  3. can u help me out? when i try to update the firmware in the pc companion it says i already have the latest version and everything is up to date, but now im in the 2.0.2.A.0.24, im missing something or what =/ (also i need to update the kernel and the base band version)

  4. Hi,greatttt work!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance.
    Don´t know if xrecovery is not working properly…
    x10 mini pro. baseband and kernel ok.

    -Connect the phone to pc
    -I download the rom (CM6 V4.0 final) check the md5 and it’s right.
    -Then i copy it to the SD, check the md5 again, and it’s ok.
    -Reboot and when trying to install it using xrecovery , there’s an error “Can’t Open /sdcard/ (bad)”
    -Reboot and conect to the computer, check the md5 again: WRONG

    The file is corrupted in some step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SOLVED.
      If you get the message: “Can’t Open /sdcard/******.zip (bad)” when installing:

      -Extract the SD, format in computer(fat32)
      -copy the .zip in fresh sd
      -boot with xRecovery and install.
      -(may be you get a frozen boot, so do:
      -reboot with xRecovery
      -wipe full reboot
      -Everything’s ok!!

  5. hi im having a hard time trying to download the latest Cyanogen 6 rom for my x10 mini pro can you give me the link to get it as everyone for your site so far doesnt work thanls

  6. Hi i installed 2.2 on my mini pro and it works like a charm……….u guys rock…….just three things could make it even better…(1) The stock camera, (2) Track id and (3) Timescape….or if there is a replacement track id and timescape…… there any bug fixes, patches, or mods to get these back?

  7. I already installed 2.2 on my mini pro and it works, very nice but the bluetooth cannot use.. what happened…

  8. Hi, I tried to install 2.2 froyo I followed all steps –> Root – Xrecovery… When installing the custom ROM it is successfully installed, however when I reboot the phone to start it with the new ROM its get stucked on the SE screen flashing (Meaning Sony Ericsson appears, then the screen goes black and the SE appears again, and follows the same process) Any suggestions?

  9. I make it work already instead I installed GingerDX and it runs perfect on the X8.
    + I downloaded The Go Launcher and the change is just dramatic!

  10. i think i installed the wrong rom and now my xperia mini hangs at the se screen and even the xrecovery does not open,what should i do

  11. Hi… I rooted and install xrecovery on my xperia x10 mini…in order to install custom rom…i had old buggy firmware 2.0.1 somthing like that …so I fist have to update my android to 2.1.A etc firmware….but pc companion was not detecting my phone (when switched off) during step u know “connect to usb while holding back button”…. But my windows xp n 7 both gave errors of “not recognizing usb”…. So I stupiditly went to custom rom and installed the latest custom rom from sdcard(without updating to latest firmware from pc companion)….the custom rom installed successfully…..but phone is stuck on se logo…. Now im not able to go to recovery mode….neither I am able to switch off my phone as power button not working…. X10 mini battery cant be removed :( …. What should I do now?? Plz help quick …. Plz…

    • Hi. Holding the back key only works if you connect the phone when it is switched off. I don’t know what else to suggest. Try posting on the xda for forums. Good luck

  12. how to install 2.2 apps on xperia x10 mini. im using shows i have 2.2.1 . but when i install can knockdown (1 or 2 whichever) its just restarting..


    • Hello, thanks for your question. I no longer recommend Cyanogen 6; nearly all development at the time of writing is now based on Gingerbread based firmware. As far as I know Can Knockdown is not meant for LDPI devices (like the x10 mini and mini pro), MiniCm6 must come with a modified version of the market to allow apps for larger screens to be shown. I checked on and am told it is incompatible with my X10 Mini Pro.

      • thank you very much fr the fast reply!!
        does the minicyanogen7(gingerbread as you said) have any bugs.or any better features than minicyanogen6.i want to know the difference between both of them.can i get can knockdown at least in minicyanogen7..


      • Hello, I use MiniCM7 Pro on my X10 Mini Pro; I’m very happy with it. A lot of people like GingerDX and is available on all three ARMv6 devices but I’m not sure what phone you’ve got. I don’t think you’ll be able to play Can Knockdown; it’s not made of LDPI devices but may work on the x8 as it has a slightly higher resolution that the others.

      • so that means i cant download any 2.2 app on my x10 mini(minicm6).
        i am not that concerned about can knockdown but,i want atleast compatibility with 2.2 that possible.???

      • Hello. Sorry if I wasn’t clear as I think you have misunderstood what I was trying to explain. The X10 mini has a low screen resolution, this is often referred to LDPI. Some apps require a higher screen resolution and are not available through the market; despite this some still work; if you want to use an app that is ‘not compatible’ with LDPI devices then you have two options: 1. Download the .apk file and install the app on the device. 2. Install a ‘hacked’ market that lets you install apps that are not for LDPI devices. You may still find that the app doesn’t work properly as it simply doesn’t fit on the screen.

        This has nothing to do with compatibility with ‘2.2 apps’ there are loads of apps that require 2.2 but work on LDPI devices; I use lots on my X10 Mini Pro.

        I hope this is clearer. Thanks.

  13. hey,
    i have backed up my files before installing,and i have successfully installed 2.2 in do i get those backed up files???could u help me please???

  14. I’ve done everything right down to the last detail but when I install the zip onto my x10 mini pro it says it worked then I reboot my phone and it boots as normal, reaches the screen then shuts down! I have no idea what I’m doing wrong please help me

    • Please note; this page is now archived. It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

      Please look at the blog posts for the latest instructions.
      In brief:
      Follow the instructions here to root the x10 mini and install ClockWorkMod Recovery:
      Download a recent custom firmware such as MiniCM Pro v21 and flash it through CWM Recovery.

  15. how to upgrade my x10 mini which is currently running minicm6 to minicm7. that is without loosing any memory(contacts,etc).

  16. Pingback: [Q] Custom ROM for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

  17. I have an X10 Mini Pro. I desperately need to upgrade to at least Android 2.2. However I have heard that there are still problems with all mods for my phone, although I don’t know whether the information is still up to date. Specifically I have to have a camera that works as well as it did under the factory firmware and takes doesn’t turn out inferior images. I have, to be honest, found it quite disconcerting to read a lot of hype about the supposed compatibility of the phones and only discover later that problems had been brushed under the carpet. It is very hard to feel confident about switching when your information is so unreliable. Where can I go to get honest and accurate information about the compatibility of the various mods on my phone?

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment although it is on an archived page; I took over this site late last year and am working hard in my spare time to update it. I have an X10 Mini Pro too, I use MiniCM7 which up until recently wasn’t available for the Pro. It’s a superb release but as with nearly all firmware there are some minor bugs; the two outstanding are: 1. the video recording is laggy, 2. The keyboard light doesn’t work properly and needs a workaround by using an app called kfix. I use MiniCM7 daily and take a lot of pictures it seems to work as well as the stock camera but I haven’t exhaustively compared the results. i haven’t written detailed instructions yet but the process is recorded in some (unfortunately low quality) videos on the video tutorial section.

      • Thank you for replying so quickly!

        So what you’re saying is that the only significant bug that doesn’t have a workaround is the video? When you say “laggy”, do you mean that it simply takes a long time to start recording after you press the shutter button? (and if so, how long are we talking about?) or that the recording itself ends up jerky?

        I’m still a bit nervous in case one of the bugs you haven’t listed because they are trivial for you might turn out to be significant for me…

      • I’m afraid it’s the latter; the video can be jerky on the usual high setting. Also when recording a video you need to stop it with the onscreen button as pressing the physical button cancels the recording. I’m really not aware of any other problems, I guess it’s up to you to try or not; I’d recommend it but then I would ;)

  18. I figured you would :D

    When you say the video is jerky on the high setting, does that mean there is a lower setting where it is OK?

    The only reason I decided to buy a new phone last year was to be able to send photos to my kids who live a long way away. The whole personalorganiserscannerereaderdictionaryunixterminalguitartuner thing has been a bit of an unexpected bonus. That’s why, even though these days my life would completely collapse without all the other stuff, I’m still very touchy about the camera capabilities…

    • Excellent comment, these days I think some people have a phone primarily as a camerapersonalorganiserscannerereaderdictionaryunixterminalguitartuner thing and the phone is a secondary function…

      Yes, it is smooth on the lower quality setting. Also the benefit of running MiniCM7 is that it is an active project, the developer updates it regularly and the video issues will be fully resolved one day. Also, at some point soon, the developer will release MiniCM9 which is based on Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

  19. OK I think you’ve got a sale! I’ll probably install it this week. I won’t rush because I’m nervous about bricking the phone even though theoretically I know this is not very likely.

    Thanks ever so much for taking the time to reply to my questions, and for all the other work you are doing on the project.

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