list of mini pro custom roms

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

1)[ROM ] Andread 2.2.9 Pro v9f – Andread 2.3.5 Pro v1t

Installation thread click here

2)[ROM] Cyanogen Gingerbread CM7 based on MiniCM for MiniPro (v15.0)

Installation thread click here

3)[ROM] SonyBread 8.0 Final

Installation thread click here

4)[ROM]CyaNo (R)Evolution v1.3 & CyaNoComb v1.4

installation thread click here

5)[ROM] Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) – v6.01

Installation thread click here

6)[ROM] Cyanogen Froyo – CM6 latest sources (Version 2.1) fast and stable + Dual Touch

Installation thread click here

7)[ROM] Iridium rom (U20i)

Installation thread click here

8)[ROM] FroyoComb v1.6 – Optimized/FasterI

Installation thread click here

9)[ROM] Xfroyo v1.0

Installation thread click here

10)[ROM] xCyanogenPro – Gingerbread – v12

Installation thread click here

11)[ROM] Froyobread | v023f | (Mini Pro)

Installation thread click here

12)[ROM] SonyBread 8- Based on MiniCM7 Pro [Camera Fully Work]

Installation thread click here

12) ginger dx )v01

Installation threadclick here

13)minicm7(paul-xxx)v-7x  final 5 mp camera

Installation thread click here

14)[ROM] GinTonic.SE | v1.62

Installation thread click here


Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

65 responses to “list of mini pro custom roms

  1. Hi , i have a sony xperia x10 mini pro, and i am using CyanoComb v1.4, (based on MiniCM6), this is a froyo ROM, i liked this one because i have apps like Google Maps and Google Car Home, (on froyo roms couldnt have of this google apps). but for some reason, the device freezes, specially when i have an internet connection, i dont know how, i could be using the browser, facebook client and when i least spect the phone freezes and reboots, how do i correct this? or how do i find out the reason of this behaviour?, should i try another ROM, any recomendations? Does ROMs based on Gingerbread support all google apps? please any comment or help would be very appreciated

    Thanks in advance

      • Thank you so much Vipin Negi for answering my post, actually after i posted my question i decided to install MiniCM7Pro – V21 and it’s pretty nice, doesnt stuck and reboot itself, pretty strange that the first time i used the camera, it has the camera shutter sound, it was not the click sound it was another one, but the settings regarding the camera shutter sound didnt work either, i managed to copy the ogg file for the camera sound and it worked nicely, and i did like you said, i copied all the google apps that i like on CyanoComb and pasted on /system/apps, maybe the only things that is kinda bothering me is the following:

        I have a Nokia HS-4W bluetooth headset, and used to work with cyanoComb, but not with MiniCM7 Pro v21, i can send files and receive from other bt enabled devices, MiniCM7 lists the devices, some i can send files and receive like i said, but not to pair with the desired headset.

        Some times it takes like 5 secs to repaint the whole desktop screen, the five screens after being using some application, when you go back to the desktop it has no icons, no drawer, and then comes back

        To be honest, after this little troubles i am very happy with minicm7pro

        I tried to install froyocomb but after installation on the first reboot got stuck with the honeycomb animation and nothing happened after that, thats why i tried minicm7 pro, if you know some method to make work bluetooth out and the desktop screen repaint it would be wonderful

        Thanks in advance


        i am trying to install android on a nokia n800 internet tablet that i use to listed music and some other stuff, but so far, there is this project called nitdroid that ported cupcake and donut, but no external sd card mounting and no sound, there some people showing off that they managed to install eclair and froyo but they dont say anything at all how they did it

  2. [ROM] Cyanogen Froyo – CM6 latest sources (Version 2.1) fast and stable + Dual Touch has a video camera issuee.. Crashes when converted to video! :\ plus it has some market issues.. u cant search on market and cant install some apps e.g SKYPE! :\ other than this ROM’s perfect.. Works fine.. lots of free RAM.. and good gaming..!

  3. hello there,
    I would like to install GinTonic on my mini pro and i was wandering if its better to install zombie panic kernel or to use the modules.and where can i get the kernel.
    thx in advance

  4. Which rom is the most stable for my x10 mini pro?? Kindly give me a link or something.. I tried Froyo, its not good, and Slade v.01 didnt work for me either.. I want a rom that has free ram and no crashes and apps can be transferred to sd card.. Please Help!

    • Hello Terry,

      In my opinion and my own experience I’ve found the MiniCM7 – 2.1.9 as the best and last updated rom… this rom has no bugs … as the major devs has been working on this rom for long time.. and made it success.. This rom has all the features you’re looking for.. This is GingerBread 2.3.7 ..

      jst follow the link..

      you need to update kernel: for the efficiency of this rom..
      you’ll find all the required links in that post..

      Hmm… jst lemme know if you found this rom good.. and also let the other people know.. !!


  5. Hi. I have X10 U20i and i’m trying to upgrade the OS from 2.1 to 2.3 and i’m unable to do so. Please let me know the procedure and the files downloble link to upgrade my U20i.

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