Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

This is a guide line to ensure things run as smooth as possible here.

Purpose of this blog

1) To help xperia x10 mini, mini pro and x8 to get the updates on their custom roms

2) To clean up the dev’s thread. The devs of your custom rom doesn’t really appreciate when you go to their thread and complain about unrelevant things and bugs or issues that has been said already but you are too lazy to read back. This blog will ensure you can find those problem listed under help-common issues-your device

3) To make resources of maximing your custom rom by finding fixes for issues. (It will expand as we find more problems) in the common issue page.

4) Took the tutorial in one place when you bricked your phone. Bricked mean that your phone became a paperweight. The I killed my phone page is devoted for that.

5) To have a complete tutorial on installing custom roms


1) Don’t Troll, including insulting, bashing each other or offend someone, or even posting the same thing twice. I will not approve these kind of comments and will throw it to the deepest part of Tartarus.

2) Don’t post on wrong section

Posting on the wrong section will only distrupt the flow of this blog and will prevent the collective thinking on that section.

3) Don’t email me spams

I give my emails to you guys for feedback and tips regarding our phones and blog. Don’t spam me with other things or I’ll blacklist you.

4) Don’t steal the custom roms by our amazing developers.

5) Don’t Pms the developers too many times about nonessensial stuff. If you have request, just post it on the thread. They still have what we called “a life”

6) Don’t post warez links. Warez is things you download for free when it is not. I don’t want to be served a lawsuit. Plus I’m 16 and can’t afford a lawyer.

7) Don’t add me in facebook. I will just ignore it.

Please add twitter @Xminicyanogen for updates on this blog.

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

7 responses to “Guidelines

  1. Hi Divr,

    I am a total newbie in installing custom roms. i understand that we have to do backup if shit happens..and when is the part we backup our phone and how to do that?

    • Back up for the whole system is a perfect job for the xrecovery which you needed to install custom rom anyway. Just go to xrecovery after you install this and choose the back up. For apps only, use titanium back up

  2. erm sorry but after i install the custom rom here c6 v2.50 and rebooted, im stuck at se logo. icant enter xrecovery mode and after a while, the screen proceeds to a logo showing an android with blue circles circling around it.
    I have tried a few times and my phone will always hang at this point and i will have to remove the battery. is there any way to solve this? thanks

    • Reinstall using sony update service, this will make sure you are on the latest baseband, and after installing, do a full wipe

  3. Hi,

    I have a rooted Xperia Mini ST15i, I want to know if ROM Manager supports my device and is it safe to install CM7.1.0 using this ROM Manager.


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