Need help?

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39 responses to “Need help?

  1. hi,

    please help me,

    i search clear not modify rom android 2.2 froyo to xperia x10 mini.

    i want this rom:

    bad i can get it on the any forums

    can you help me whit this?
    if you can oforse…?

    if you have this one rom please send link or zip file to my email…

    please respond to me…


    • It’s the cyanogen 6 (cyanogen 6 is froyo by the way, 7 is gingerbread), just go to custom rom/cyanogen 6 and follow the instruction to download the rom. That video is the aplha version of the rom and now it’s on beta and much smoother than before.

      • hi divr,
        i rooted my xperia mini with super one click 2.1.1 …and iam not able to install xrecovery in it….and aslo iam having problem with my battery after i rooted it. it gets drained in just an hour even if it is fully charged ..plzzzzz help me to fix this…plzzzzzzz

  2. hi nice to meet u all i’m a newbie and i’ve alreay read the instruction to root and xrecovery

    ..i have a question, i alreday rooted my my mimmi n installed xrecovery but why after i reboot my phone and press back button to boot into xRecovery and the xrecovery doesnt show up??

  3. Hi, I installed latest MiniCM6 but the phone stops at SE logo.
    I still can access xrecovery disconnecting the battery.
    What can I do for this problem?

    TY in advance!

  4. hi!!!can you tell me how can i have back on my x10 mini the sony erricsson software 2.1???

  5. search google for sony ericson update service. Install software in your PC. connect your phone via USB and click update. You will get default 2.1.

  6. i rooted my xperia mini with super one click …and iam not able to install xrecovery in it….and aslo iam having problem with my battery it gets drained in just an hour even if it is fully charged ..plzzzzz any one help me to fix this…

      • i tried it but its not working ………now i just want to unroot my phne ..i rooted it with super one click 2.1.1 but it has no unroot option in it…can u suggest me a different way

  7. hi sir,i’m newbi,,
    after I installed froyo2.2,, I can’t use internet connection (3g/gprs/hsdpa),, help me please,,

  8. Hello there sir!

    i Have successfully installed GingerDx v17 on my x10 mini pro.
    It was working pretty fine,
    But when i tried working on Minicm7pro, i did encounter a problem, after i successfully installed minicm7pro v20 , my TOUCH SCREEN WONT WORK.
    Please do help me. T_T

    Id like to hear what did i do wrong or missed. Please do respond. T_T

    • That’s odd. A number of users have reported problems with MiniCM Pro v20 but most are resolved by wiping data (factory reset) a second time and reflashing the zip.

      • Well if it worked in GingerDX and not MiniCM then I doubt there is something wrong with your phone. Try restoring GingerDX to be sure that the screen is still working, if it isn’t working in only MiniCM Pro then put a comment on the XDA discussion thread so the developer paul-xxx can investigate.

    • yes gingerdx v17 works fine, although multitouch is not working, when i try to use the modules , screen wont work again. Is there by any chance you could make a video on how to install minicm7 pro from the start? as in from stock version? thx

      hope it wont be that much of a burden to you.

  9. hello there sir, i just noticed when i installed the modules for gingerdx and applied them in my x10 mini pro , the problem started, the screen wont work, i concluded that maybe its because of the multitouch? i think im just missing something here. i just cant figure it out.

  10. hey there its me again, i figured that my phone doesnt support dual touch i think?
    ive tried installing multitouch using terminal emulator , but after ive installed it, my screen wont work. is there buy any chance you have a solution to this. please help. T_T

  11. i install android 2.3.7 on x8 when install finish he out error masage ,then i reboot the phone he gv me 2answer yes or no,i click no,after my x8 run to sony erisson logo only cannot go in windows,ply teach me how to solve this problem

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