4 responses to “Common issues cyanogen 7

  1. Yeah, I’m having the same problem with my wifi. I can turn it on and off, it can find Networks and even add them to connect, but something happens when it tries to obtain the IP address.
    It goes over to say unsuccessful… there is something weird with the wifi… (update: while writing this I got to connect to a network, problem was, ehn trying to log in my google acc I disconed the network and my whone rebooted.)

  2. Hey thnx for d Custom rom!! Itz jst awesum!!
    Jst i hd sum problemz..
    firstly the launcher pro is not a plus version, thus we cannot resize widgets and use launcher pro widgets.. And i am also unable to uninstall the launcher pro to install the new Launcher pro plus version..!!
    secondly.. Xperia x10 mini pro has 5 mp camera!! Bt d default camera app i.e. com.sonyericsson.camera app shutsdown when we click a pic.. and also vignette application has only 0.3 mp resolution mode.. ders no option for 5 mp resolution.. cant i use my original 5 mp camera on this mod? If i can.. than please tell me how and via which application!!
    Thirdly.. My cell restartz automatically.. N also ders a little touch problem.. i.e. the touch isnt as smooth as it was when i used SE stock 2.1 rom..
    forth.. The market Application.. Its just very annoying.. when i download a single application.. it downloads it more dan 2-3 times..
    Other things are ok with me till now.. Bt if theres still a problem i will keep commenting..
    Anyways Thanks again for the super ROm!! Please try to reply with solutions to my problems!! Thank you!!
    Your faithfully
    -Rushik V.

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