xperia x10 mini

Updated : 23 March 2010 v1

1) I got data bugs, problem with GSM or Data (3G /HSDPA)

You install it using the build number 06. Install back to v1 which is the previous build then flash the 2.0

2)Phone can’t detect headphone jack

Use this to manually enable it

Fixed in version 3

3)Camcorder won’t work

Use videocam illusion from the market.

4)FM radio, ant+ and are not working

No fix yet

5)USB moutning don’t work

Reboot to xrecovery, partition tools, mount USB storage

Fixed in version 3

6) Can’t install apps both from sd card or market
Must use adb shell
Adb shell
Mkdir /data/dalvik-cache

Fixed in version 3

7) Dialer is a bit out of screen

Fixed at v 5

8 ) Wi-Fi don’t work.

fixed in version 5

To get the latest fixes, always update to the newest version. (Currently v3)

9) Reboot problem because of superusers apps

It has been determined that this reboot problem happen when superusers enabled apps like root explorer, barnacle, titanium back up and etc is shutted down either by users or the android system. To avoid this, exclude these kind of apps from your task killer if you use one. Don’t exit these apps, just press home button and suspend it. The reboot will happen when android system kill this apps to free up resources. This issues is currently being investigate by the amazing developers of this rom.

And skype may be the subject of this problem as well for unknown reason.

10) Auto focus is not working

No fix yet, owain is looking into it

11) Xrecovery is not working

from terminal (linux) or console (windows) cd to platform-tools

adb pull /system/bin/chargemon %localpath%\chargemon

where localpath in the path where you want it to be on your computer
then edit the following line in chargemon

/dev/input/event0 to /dev/input/event1


adb push %localpath%\chargemon /system/bin/chargemon

12) - If You've got SD card error, you DON'T need to perform a FORMAT!

Just reboot to recovery, go to "Partition tools", plug phone to PC via USB cable, press "Mount USB storage" and delete 4 folders 
"data", "Android",".android_secure" and "Lost.dir" viola! Unmount, and reboot Your phone... 
(You can remove those folders directly in SDCARD reader in PC/Laptop, if You've got one... It's faster, and easier... ^^ ) Fix info thanks to lamenomore

13) - Data connection error

Open theme chooser, pick one and reboot. (a problem with framework thing) fix info thanks to lamenomore

14) Restoring back up via xrecovery cause me to stuck in loop.

Do this before restoring

open root explorer go to /system/bin
Press and hold on the file chargemon
Edit it
Event0 to event1

Fix thanks to Owain.

To get the latest fixes, always update to the newest version. (Currently v3)

15) Can’t find sd card in root explorer

sdcard is mounted to: /dev/sdcard

If you need, then you can add a symlink:
open terminalor emulator
ls /sdcard (this must not show any content!)
rm /sdcard -r
ln -s /mnt/sdcard /sdcard

then you can find your sdc card at /mnt

15) Applications stuck at SD card or phone, can’t move them

acknowledge, no fix yet

fix thx to finswimmer

16)FM radio don’t work

No fixes yet. This is due to kernel problem

17) Every buttons wake the phone (draining battery due to accidental presses)

that’s quite easy to change. use root explorer to go to /system/usr/keylayout and open shakira_keypad.kl and x10mini-keypad.kl with text editor.
Change the lines in both files:
key 158 BACK Wake_DROPPED
key 139 MENU Wake_DROPPED
key 102 HOME Wake_DROPPED
key 158 BACK
key 139 MENU
key 102 HOME

fix thx to herrossi

18) Can’t find any screenshot apps that works

Use this one.

19) Market problem, battery drain problem, app2sd problem

Full wipe via xrecovery

20) Can’t open xrecovery

Reinstall xrecovery

21)App2sd native not working

Try reflashing the rom.

22) 3G or data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/ mobile network and enable data


16 responses to “xperia x10 mini

  1. I download v5 and
    When i turning wifi on
    Its just reboot, i did that 5 times and its just reboot again?

    What happen?

    • Try clean dalvik cache, if don’t work, full wipe, if don’t work, reflash the rom, if don’t work, be sure to use the firmware that owain gave you

  2. Ok thanks

    But what is reflash the rom and
    What you mean “firmware that owain gave you?”

    • In the v1 download link, there’s a flashtool attach with previous firmware that would work smoother

    • Later, when I get a new that damn mini CD for my videocam. My old one is lost. Part of reason I have to put a halt to my plan on recording a hand on with the new cyanogen 6

  3. HI All

    i’m running mod7 in my xperia x10 mini,
    my superb 5MP camera doesnt work.any help will be appreciated.

    • again, camera is still working in low quality for gingerbread. It’s not a bug, it’s just a thing in the list of things that the dev is working on. Just be patient

      • Hey Divr,

        Thanks ,i hope you provide the info on updating procedures too.

  4. Hi Divr,

    My phone memory falls low everytime i install apps from the market.I have been moving those to SD card but still it eats up my memory as the same size of the application.Divr…your reply will be appreciated.

  5. i flashed my xperia mini pro…… with your cyanogen 7…………..
    everthing goes fine…….. it installed successfully….. i rebooted my phone………… bt it stuck there….. on the boot screen on cyanogen 7………
    i tried re installing it……. bt no result……….
    i had used cyanogen 6……….. its works gr8…… except some bugs……… my phone reboots certainly…… so i switched back to the original FW…………..
    please help me installing cyanogen 7…………

  6. hello im running v15 in mini pro everything seems very good but 2 issuess:1.when i am going to search in android market there always no results.And 2:when taking a picture doesnt store it

  7. What is the best way to upgrade an SD card?

    I’ve read a lot of different posts about what the best way to do this is. Some say just copy and paste, some say you need to go into recovery mode and Format the SD to Fat32+ext2+swap first and then convert ext2 to ext3, and some say to use Titanium Backup, and there are other opinions too.

    I’m really quite happy with the way the phone is set up at the moment and don’t want to mess things up. I’m running a rooted SonyEriccson X10 mini, with cyanogen mod 7, and clockwork mod. Some of the apps have been moved to the SD card.

    Can anyone tell me the current best method?

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