Xperia X8

Update : 18 March 2011 v1
This thread reserved for common issues and possible fixes for cyanogen mod 7 for Xperia X8

1) Wi-fi is not working

No, it’s not. Devs are working on it. Be patient

note : Racht’s rom is working fine

2)Games lags and some games won’t even starts (emulators)

Yes, the performance in that area is not maximized yet. Dev’s still working on it

3) Camera suck

Again, dev’s working on it.

4)Data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/mobile network and enable data

If it’s still not working, check access name, make sure you get the right one.

Not working again, reflash your entire rom.

5)  Reboot problem because of superusers apps

It has been determined that this reboot problem happen when superusers enabled apps like root explorer, barnacle, titanium back up and etc is shutted down either by users or the android system. To avoid this, exclude these kind of apps from your task killer if you use one. Don’t exit these apps, just press home button and suspend it. The reboot will happen when android system kill this apps to free up resources. This issues is currently being investigate by the amazing developers of this rom.

And skype may be the subject of this problem as well for unknown reason.

I will update this as time progressed.

6)Video streaming not working

Dev are working on it.

7)  Can’t find any screenshot apps that works

Use this one.

8) Battery drain problem

Full wipe via xrecovery and clear battery stat

9) Market problem, battery drain problem, app2sd problem

Full wipe via xrecovery?

10) 3G or data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/ mobile network and enable data


283 responses to “Xperia X8

  1. thanks.
    I already did backup.
    Which custom firmware is good for me? and…
    I have to follow these stapes file
    2.Reboot into XRecovery
    3.install file
    4.Reboot phone. custom firmware
    6.flash it with (now) CWMRecovery.

  2. Thanks..
    I will 1st Flash that and then we will discuss about custom firmware. K.????

  3. hey, sorry… just 1 question, with this cwm rec we will flash later 2.3 Roms. Can I flash any previous custom rom(froyobread or hackdroid) through this cwm rec..

    • Hi again. As far as I’m aware you need versions for CWM as the xRecovery format isn’t the same. If you did a backup in xRecovery you can restore it in CWM though.

  4. Hey, R U there???
    I have installed cwm file through xRecovery, and after Reboot phone I can only see Sony Ericsson (white) logo.
    what to do now???????

  5. after pressing back button i can see CWM recovery. but when i choose reboot system now again i see only SE logo. I have tried three to four times. Afterwards I read CWM Recovery installation process and i thought file should be install.
    so i install Edify file using CWM rec….but still there is same problem.
    I am scaring man?????

  6. no i didnt wiped data dint do factory reset. Right now i have these Custom Roms..
    1.GingerDX v10
    2.GingerDX v13
    3.Froyobread Final
    Sorry did not download new custom rom.
    Plz tell me what to do????

  7. Am I able to do a backup of my current Rom using this CWM???? coz I can only see SE white logo..
    I have installed file. Is there any problem with this???
    And 1 more thing, i really dont know how much baterry is remains there…

  8. Hello,
    Downloading Minicm7.
    In the meanwhile I tried to install Gingerdx v013 with CWM Recovery (v4.0.1.5)But installation was aborted with this message…..
    Installing: /sdcard/ Gingerdx 13 zip
    Finding update package…
    Openings update package…
    Installing update…
    Amend scripting (update. Scrip) is no longer supported.
    Amend scripting was depreciated by Google in Android 1.5..
    It was necessary to remove when upgrading to the Clockworkmode 3.0 Gingerbread based recovery…
    Please switch to Edify scripting(update-script and update-binary) to create working packages…
    Installtion aborted.”
    What is this??????

    • hey, that’s because GingerDX under version (v14-) are needed xRec. all versions Above (v14+) are CWM.

      if you want latest GingerDX be sure you also Download “Addons” this are modules for Stock kernel, so you dont need to unlock bootloader, and install custom kernel.

  9. Is Addons necessary for me? now I hav downloaded minicm7 2.0.7.
    and I am gonna flash it. tell me “Addons” is compulsory? 1 more thing is CWM works on Hackdroid Floyo v1.0? plz reply.

  10. Hey gaiusjuliuscaesar,
    I did everything you said, but my phone is getting stuck on Sony Ericsson white logo. This SE logo is coming and going, coming-going, only this is happening.
    I even cant enter into CWM Recovery.
    1st I flashed after i installed and then did wipe data/factory reset’and Reboot my Phone. But nothing is happened except flashing SE logo.
    I took my baterry out, n when I put it back again my phone is turning on automatically, without pressing power butoon.
    Now what to man????
    I bricked my phone????

  11. I doubt you’ve bricked your phone although I’ve not heard of what you describe before. If you can’t get into recovery you may have to reset the phone with PC Companion.

    • I don’t like the term brick to mean anything other than permanently broken ;-) as you say it can be fixed!
      Obviously you’re looking at options 2 or 3; you might find 3. SEUS/PCC flashing the easiest

  12. Hey,
    I decided to use Flashtool. But while using Flashtool should I keep my phone turn on??
    I am using Flashtool v Is this o.k?? does this Flashtool work on x8??

  13. Hello,
    There are two x8 Firmwares,
    1) X8 Shakira E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_generic.ftf (216.61 MB)
    2) E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_Nordic.ftf (217.31 MB)
    Which one is supported???

  14. Helo,

    Better use PCC, it installs the necessary drivers for your mobile, it is easier to use. Of course you can also install PCC and then flash the firmware with flashtool or using PCC and flashing firmware, and Flashtool for Rooting

    ok so download the two files, extract baseband.7z with example: WinRAR . place the 2 files [Firmware].ftf & [Baseband].ftf into firmware folder, open the program, click on Flash, then you will see next instructions on your screen…

    Firmware -> X8 Shakira E15i_2.1.1.A.0.6_generic.ftf =
    Baseband -> E15i X8i 2.1.1.A.0.6 Baseband 015.7z =

  15. Hello,
    I can’t use PCC because while using pcc when I am trying to connect my phone it connects only for a while,then automatically getting disconnct. This is happening frequently.
    After turning on my phone,it shows only SE white logo,after 10 seconds getting off.then turning on–>SE logo->> getting off, agin and again. To stop this it necessary to remove battery.
    Now how can I connect my phone to PCC??? PCC didn’t recognise my phone.
    So Flashtool is the better option, isn’t it??
    (((( One question just because of curiosity—-What if I go to “Sony Ericsson Service Centre”.. I know I already void my warranty but “IF” I Unsuccessful to my flash my X8 using Flashtool, CAN SE fix my problem with whatever their charges. Plz answer…))))

    • HI. Take the battery out and then put it back it but don’t turn on your phone. Open PC companion and click on start in the support zone section then start phone software update. You should now see a link for repair phone which will take you through the process to reflash the stock firmware (also it should update you to the latest one too) the important thing is not to turn the phone on but just connect it via USB while holding down the button when PCC tells you to!

      Good luck

  16. Hi,
    sorry for late replying. I have tried to flash my x8 with Flashtool,but unfortunately I failed. So I went to SE service center n they flashed my cell. Afterwards again I rooted my phone installed Xrecovery n then CWM Recovery,Gingerdx, Addons Modules…!
    And now I am running on Gingerdx v017.
    Thanks guys.

  17. Thanks…
    can you tell me,how i can change my ‘Contacts’ fonts? I am using Go Contacts.

    • of course, all versions above (14+) should be flashed with CWM.

      optional: after flash rom, flash “Modules for stock kernel”

      its worth to do… i use it with Alfs cust kernel, the performance is unbelievable

  18. You mean after flashing every new version of Gingerdx Rom i have to flash “Modules for stock kernel” too. (Although I hv flashed it before)
    And sorry I dont understand “”””use it with Alfs cust kernel..”””””
    What it means?

  19. Yes.
    Alfs is a custom kernel by alfsamsung for GingerDX its cointans the same features as Modules for stock kernel.

    # Benefits for unlocked-bootloader (custom kernel)

    .Built-in recovery (no more accidents formating /system and having to reflash stock because recovery is gone)
    .conversion of /system etc to ext4 (faster phone)
    .Modules loaded in kernel.
    .Full support for custom roms (Gingerbread)


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