Xperia mini

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

Updated : 21 March 2010 v1

This page is reserved for known bugs and issues and if possible fixes for Xperia mini

1) My battery drain so fast

Go the setting/wireless and network/ wi-fi setting/ press menu button, advance setting/set wi fi sleep setting to never

Use root explorer go to /data/system/ delete batterystat.bin, drain battery completely, then charge as usual

Update : If it’s still not working, reboot to xrecovery and full wipe

2)Performance issues

Go to setting/cyanogenmod setting/ perfomance setting and disable JIT and reboot

3) Reboot problem because of superusers apps

It has been determined that this reboot problem happen when superusers enabled apps like root explorer, barnacle, titanium back up and etc is shutted down either by users or the android system. To avoid this, exclude these kind of apps from your task killer if you use one. Don’t exit these apps, just press home button and suspend it. The reboot will happen when android system kill this apps to free up resources. This issues is currently being investigate by the amazing developers of this rom.

And skype may be the subject of this problem as well for unknown reason.

4) Can’t use froyo native app2sd

Reflash the rom or if you have a partition on your sd card,  delete it.

5) When I plug in the headphone while music is playing, it still play on phone speakers

They are looking at that right now. In the mean time, pause, then play.

6)  Can’t find froyo native wi-fi hotspot

It’s not supported by the Sony Ericsson Kernel. Use Barnacle wi-fi from the market. It works just fine but due to reboot problem, when you exit the app, phone will reboot.

7) For xperia mini pro, the symb button is not working

Blame sony ericsson. It’s a sacrifice you have to make. In the meant time pressing the symb/blue button then space will launch a limited symbol menu.

8 ) Flash is not working

Adobe flash won’t work because our phones processor don’t support it.

9)Charging LED light up, but battery kept on draining.

Unplug it and replug it (if problem persist, unplug the connector to the phone too) The main cause is being investigated.

10)Light sensor kept on lowering the brightness

Go to setting/display/brightness. Disable automatic and set the brightness to max. The problem of this problem will be investigated

11)Music drain battery way faster

Yes, this is a serious issue and will be conveyed to the developers In the mean time, I suggest you kept battery drain minimal by either disabling data or set it to 2G when playing music.

12) My quadrant result varies

Problem being investigated. In the mean time, I don’t think that it affect overall performance that much.But, due warning, games seem to lag a bit.

13) Clock apps has its digital clock cut off like the screen is too small

No apparent fix yet

14)  Market force close all the time, rendering it unusable

Flash this using xrecovery, courtesy of owain94. If after this, the market still force close, use titanium back up or other system uninstaller to delete the market on your phone. Then reflash the market zip

If that don’t work, use between this altenative

First use delete the market on your phone (via titanium back up or others mean) then install the apk directly inside the zip.

If that don’t work, copy the apk to system/apps via root explorer. Change permission to be the same as other apps . (Check the other apps and make sure the permission are similiar

15) Got a strange noise when playing music on the headphone

Turn off equalizer. Problem is being investigated.

16) After upgrading from Alpha 3.1 to Beta 1  got this message:

Error Details : the application google mail error

fix Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Menu button > Filter > All > Locate the Gmail app and clear the cache and data.

thx to qsmlye

17)FM radio don’t work

Fixed in the latest version

18) Every buttons wake the phone (draining battery due to accidental presses)

that’s quite easy to change. use root explorer to go to /system/usr/keylayout and open robyn_keypad.kl and x10mini-keypad.kl with text editor.
Change the lines in both files:
key 158 BACK Wake_DROPPED
key 139 MENU Wake_DROPPED
key 102 HOME Wake_DROPPED
key 158 BACK
key 139 MENU
key 102 HOME

fix thx to herrossi

19) Can’t find any screenshot apps that works

Use this one.

20) Market problem, battery drain problem, app2sd problem

Full wipe via xrecovery

21) Can’t install apps like angry bird

clean dalvik cache via xrecovery it don’t work, go to cyanogenmod setting/applicationg setting and set new apps installation location to internal

I will update this post as time progressed.

22) 3G or data don’t work

Go to setting/wireless and network/ mobile network and enable data

23) Camera expriencing force close

Delete the camera folder at data/data
Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

37 responses to “Xperia mini

  1. Do you have any information about nobodyatall’s current work? Cause at first he was posting a new version of the rom every couple of days but since alpha3, things aren’t the same. So do you know if issues he’s dealing with are way harder now or is he just having a break?

    • The issues in all cyanogen 6 is fairly similar. Others devs has not make any progress adressing those issues. I don’t know wether nobodyAtall is taking a break or working on other rom, just be patient. Beside, the cyanogen 7 for xperia mini and mini pro has reach the first stable state thanks to owain.

  2. one little question ,how to enable T9 for the stock keyboard ?i use the default sony keyboard alot due to the screen size..w/o the T9 i cant type like usual ..btw i wont like to report some error mapping on htc ime ..when turn the phone horizontal the HTC IME cant even fit in the screen.. any method to fix this issue?

    • Sony stock keyboard already included if I’m not mistaken. Go to setting and see whether you enable it yet. For the ime yes there’s density problem, devs is looking at it. Find altenatives keyboard method in the market. There’s many to choose from

      • Sony stock keyboard isn’t included.. Android stock keyboard is. And there’s a density problem there! That’s right :) But I’m working on getting the SE stock keyboard working, as it won’t just install…

      • It’s already included in the newest version which already up and running

  3. yup is included..but thing is it doesn’t have T9 support i cant type quick text like the original stock kb.. any clue?

    • You mean like a predictive input? Why don’t you try alternative keyboard from market? I think smart keyboard has t9 and predictive engine.

  4. yep – saw that it’s included in the newest version :) and T9 should actually work with new newest update :D but Smart Keyboard is a really decent app ;b

    • FM radio is the hardest thing to get working. Even the bunch of devs on the bigh x10 is having trouble enabling it as it’s so stuck at sony ericsson software.

  5. i had problem install beta-1 on my mini..while copying file error occur at line 51? any idea how to fix this prob?i din get this stuff when install alpha-3..

  6. xRecovery on screen
    E: Can’t symlink /system/xbin/[
    E: Failure at line 51:
    Symlink busybox SYSTEM:/xbin/[
    Installation aborted.

    issit got some problem with my busy box? or

  7. @_@ so it doesn’t mean my busybox got problem ?thx for quick reply ..where do u guys live? Mumbai?

  8. Hmm, have a new theory, after you install xrecovery, did you download a new busybox? (via titanium perhaps)? If so that would make xrecovery stop working properly.

    and I live in Medan, Indonesia

  9. how to install xrecovery w/o busybox dude haha.. i’m installing steriscon busy box 1.71.

    • okay, I’m out of idea, maybe the guys in XDA can help you. And yes I know you already posted in the installation thread.

    • if you have a mini you have too chance the chargemon file event0 in too event1 that helpt me out too get xrecovery too boot. hope thats help. sorry the bad english.use root explorer too do so

  10. thanks for this awesome site my friend:-). if your phone is waking up in lockscreen with all 3 buttons on your phone its kill your battery fast use the guide on the site too chance it. helpt me out with my power problem. soory the bad english THANKS AGAIN.

  11. hi

    i’m a newbie..i’ve installed mini cm 6 1.0.1 and im using wifi on proxy…it works fine on the browser but am unable to use wifi on android apps..

    help please?

      • i am using connectify to set up a wifi hotspot on my laptop that requires a proxy…i connect to it from my phone by entering the proxy settings…it works on the browser but i cant connect any app using wifi..tried clearing cache also..doesn’t work :(

      • I think that’s a bug on a connectify side. Post it on a new thread on the general forum and let see if someone can come out with the solution.

  12. i tried using it with a router also (with proxy)..still same with browser but doesn’t work on apps…

  13. showing file error while installation and then hang up at sony ericsson logo………….and wont start … then i have reflash it …
    but i want to install froyo help……………………………plzzzzzzzz

  14. hi jus installed the mini cm6 1.0.2 rom on my x10 mini…the video and audio are uot of sync in the video camera..the workaround was to use lgcamera from the market…i downloaded it but its of no use …the lag still exists…can you plsssss gimme a solution .. coz i use the video camera very often and cant do w/o it.

  15. hi dude i want to uninstall the cyanogen mod and superuser etc., what to do please explain step by step

  16. Hii! what a marvelous version of Cyanogen… currently, i have x10mini bus im having problems login in on both twitter and FB… whats happening? i fixed time zone but i cant log in yet! is there any fix? what can i do?… FB comethimes logs in but suddenly logs aout and doesn’t let me… pls help!! im desperate… thank you so much :)

  17. Hi.
    Today installed MiniCM7pro and i´m very satisfied with it! :)

    There´s only one problem, somehow i set it to disable 3G when using Wi-Fi, not the best idea i´we had… And i can´t remember how to change that back.
    Could someone please point me into the right direction please.

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