I killed my phone

This is tutorial for giving your death phone live again.

Note : Mini owners, hold center button and power button for a few seconds to shut down your phone. If that doesn’t work, go here

First attempt, try booting to recovery. If you can, select backup and restore.

If you can’t, then you have to  reinstall either using the pc suite or the Sony Ericsson Update Service to reinstall the software.

When that fail, you resort to flashtool

For Xperia x8

For Xperia mini

For Xperia Mini pro

Now download both the flashtool and software file (make sure you pick the right one) to your pc.

Extract flashtool and you get a flashtool folder.

Extract the file and you got a folder.

Place that folder on the flashtool folder.

Run flashtool,

select flash and click on the folder you just put in.

Then you connect the USB to your phone (must be shutted down first) while holding back button.

Once the led flash green, you can let go and let it complete the flash and you will have stock software again.

Tips : If for some reason your phone kept on booting on, you pull the battery. Run the flashtool.  Ready yourself, put on the battery, and quickly connect the usb while holding back button. Yes it require sleight of hands but it work.

203 responses to “I killed my phone

  1. also after unlocking my bootloader the x10 mini phone cannot connect to the net work signal. how can i solve that??

  2. I tried everything but it wont turn on it wont charge no flashmode it is dead it was more than 50 percent battery all this happend when i unlocked the bootloader please help i have x10 mini pro

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