cwn recovery for mini/x8@pro

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

for mini and x8


When booting your phone and when the ‘Sony Ericsson’ letters appear, press and release continuously the ‘back’ button.
Once you are in the CW recovery, use the volume keys to navigate upwards / downwards, the ‘home’ or camera button key to select, the ‘back’ key to go back.


  • Stock 2.1 ROM
  • Busybox from the market
  • Root


If you have xRecovery: Flash the CWM recovery Amend zip
If you have a previous version of CWM Recovery: Flash the CWM recovery Edify zip
If you don’t have a recovery installed, using Root explorer: manually extract any of the above CWM recovery zips and copy the contents of the system folder (system/bin and system/xbin) to /system, then give 755 permissions to those files, especially to /system/bin/chargemon, or you’ll get bootloop.

Do NOT use this recovery if you are not in Stock 2.1 firmware. If you have a custom ROM, your cook should incorporate this to his ROM first

for mini pro

now you can install xrecovery and cwm recovery on xperia mini pro with a click of a button thanks to the devs . install this file and install it on your phone and after installation, open the app and install the recovery of your choice .

Attached Files

File Type: apk APKRecovery-release.apk

Please note; this page is now archived.  It will no longer be updated but is being kept for reference and to keep the users comments available.

39 responses to “cwn recovery for mini/x8@pro

  1. hello i have a question i have already installed the xrecovery but i dont have the newest version in apk and you say that if have already the xrecovery installed i have to Flash the CWM recovery Amend zip, how do i install this zip if i have the xrecovery or how do i use this? i m plannig to install the Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) – v6.01, in my xperia mini pro and my question is i am going to have a problem if dont have my xrecovery with CWM recovery Amend zip?

    • simple way
      just download the app link given at the last
      install the app
      open the app
      click install xrecovery or cwm recovery
      done enjoy

  2. hi,
    i have my mini pro rooted and SU. i’m trying to install with the APKRecovery-release but when i click anything it just doenst happen anything :S

    can you help me?

  3. hey buddy,
    thanks for the tuto

    but 1 thing, having real hard time figuring how to install a recovery app.
    tried so many ways.
    when u copy those files into /system via Root Explorer and so on…
    what do u do after that?
    i tried to reboot the phone and booting into recovnery still doesnt work for me.

    please help
    thanks in advance

    • Just install the app for minipro install it useing a filemamager open it . Select ur desired recovery reboot slide ur keyboard in and out untill you r in recovery

  4. i downloaded the attached file for my mini pro but when i open the application and click install cwm or install xrecovery, nothing happens :( i hav tried everything and cant get myphone into recovery mode no matter what i do…… pls help me :):)

  5. To:Thespak101. Hey bro. My se x10 mini pro is rooted, but still I tried to install XWM Recovery but it’s not happened when I click on it. I tried to reboot and slide up and down my keyboard until I’ll be in recovery, but still nothing. So can you suggest me something what I should do ? Should I reroot or something ? because I have no idea why this Apk app is not working for me. Could it be the problem what If I have some files from xrecovery or CWM xrecovery maybe that’s the problem is why I can’t get in to recovery mode. I was trying to be in recovery mode with rom manager but still nothing. 100% my phone is rooted because all programs is working who req. to be rooted phone. So If you can help me I’ll be really grateful. :)

    • Same here x10 mini pro. Phone is rooted, files copied, rights changed but cant access xrecovery. No button works tried pushing all of them and the slider.

    • hmmm! the best solution for it is to root your phone again , it also occur to me the first time i rooted my phone and this time install the recovery manually using the app root explorer . it is available in the app section.

    • give chmod 777 to those 3 files u copied,that is for eg.use root xplorer and long press select prop and tick evry thing
      read write execute = 111 = 1 + 2 + 4 = 7
      read write no execute = 110 = 4 + 2 = 6
      read no write execute = 101 = 4 + 1 = 5
      read no write no execute = 100 = 4
      no read write execute = 011 = 2 + 1 = 3
      no read write no execute = 010 = 2
      no read no write execute = 001 = 1
      no read no write no execute = 000 = 0

  6. i have have xRecovery
    how do i Flash the “CWM recovery Amend zip” file ? dont understand that :S learning as i go… had for 8 hours the phone (mini x10), if anyone can help me XD… or link to a video would be great!

  7. helo..just 1 problm after use this rules and flash the rom,imy x10 mini got freezz in loading cyanogen can i solve?

    • i got out of the loop by booting into the recovery menu and restoring from my backup and try again s/n gapps made my phone loop booted fine with cyanogen mod 7 without it

  8. got a serious prob i think, tried to install gingerdx v 13 for xperia x8 rooted it ,xrecovery in to and now it justs loops from sony logo to gingerdx orange dude and back ….tried to recover but no luck any hints please

  9. i am using x8 2.2 OS and i have problems with regards to my photo’s and notification tone.

    for photos, when i take picture it will save to gallery icon in the home after an hours the gallery says no pictures available but it will saved in my sd.

    same for the notification tone, it will get back to my last notification tone even i set it to my new notification tone.

    please send feed back to

  10. What is permission 755, and how do i give it, i have copied the files, to system, and i am unable to give any permissions. pl help

  11. hey guys can someone help, i tried the recovery release and nothing happens when i press either of the three tabs. can you tell me wht im doing wrong and possibly give me a tutorial for the manual installation of the recovery\

  12. please when i keep clicking back button cwm recovery doesent open i have xperia x10 mini pro ,rooted,and have busybox ,installed cwm using mini rom manager plz help

  13. Thanks man it worked like a charm!! thanks a lot!! Android rocks!! Now I have my X10 mini pro rooted and customized!!

  14. when me install 2.3.7 install finish ,then pop out error massenger and then i reboot the phone he run to sony ericsson logo only cant run all,and cant go to recovery,pls hlp me this problem~

  15. sir, pls help me I cannot enter in recovery mode in my sony ericsson xperia x8 e15i I purchased in 2011 pls tell me combo keys

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