Updates to CyanogenMod Forum – 2011 mini and mini pro, x10 mini and mini pro added



Things are a-happening over on the CyanogenMod Forum.  Last night I checked and there were some incomplete instructions being posted for the 2011 Xperia devices, today it seems that someone has been rather busy and there are now forums for all the mini Xperia devices except for the X8 (which is rather odd as the in the original news covering 7.1’s release the X8 was the only ‘legacy’ Xperia device added).

I’ve had a read and, as yet, the instructions are fairly generic and the wiki hasn’t been updated to include the rooting and ClockWorkMod recovery installation.

Has anyone taken the plunge yet?  I’ve dusted down my old G1 so I have a working phone to use while I back-up then break my X10 Mini Pro this afternoon! ;-)

Thoughts on the recent CyanogenMod and FreeXperia news

In my post yesterday about Cyanogen(mod) 7.1 being released and the inclusion of Xperia devices I asked the question, what does it mean for us; I’ve had a little time to ruminate on this.

So how will being part of this/these project/s differ from the custom firmware we’ve been used to running?  I think that the biggest issue to note is that neither will use any proprietary code, this means that they won’t include anything that isn’t open and free to be part of the release.  Those who’ve used a core CyanogenMod release on a different device (or indeed some of the releases for our devices) will be used to flashing the firmware and then flashing the Google Apps.  This is due to the licensing issues within the proprietary ‘Google Experience’ components, by separating them from the CyanogenMod code keeps Google satisfied as the Google apps are ‘backed-up’ from Google-supplied firmware; now in my opinion it is a good thing for end users as one can flash a ‘clean’ firmware and then install Google Market and selectively download the Google Apps.  For our devices most releases over at XDA come bundled with all sorts of proprietary, and in some cases illegally distributed, drivers and software.  To give you an example of those, excluding the Google Apps, that spring to my mind include:

  • Any Xperia device drivers
  • FM Radio app
  • The Xperia launcher (don’t expect to see this in either core release)
  • The input method: note that SE must have licensed T9 from Nuance for the original

I expect that running CyanogenMod, when it’s finally available for all the devices, will mean that the core release will use a stock keyboard and possibly not include a radio app; Sony’s support should eliminate the driver issues.  I’d imagine that it will be easy enough to install or flash the extras in the way that the gapps are commonly installed onto CyanogenMod for other devices.

It’s clear that the news that CyanogenMod is officially available is not the same as devices getting official firmware updates and support from Sony Ericsson that was previously dropped.

In many ways this does keep the lights on for other custom firmwares; many of us are on custom firmware because SE left us on 2.1 with no official way forward and popular releases look to create a SEMC look an feel with a more recent core under the hood.

However the CyanogenMod experience materialises onto our devices it can only be good news; support from SE developers and official inclusion in CM will mean that developments in CM will propagate into all the custom releases we can use on our phones!

CyanogenMod-7.1 Released!

It’s my pleasure to relay the super news that with the release of CyanogenMod 7.1 SEMC devices are officially supported.  Surprisingly the news from the blog leaves out the X10 family (X10, X10 mini pro and X10 mini), although the X8 is listed, as I’ve been following the news before this I’m assuming this is a typo and as soon as there’s confirmation. According to the announcement there will be forums created over at the cm site shortly.

So what does this mean for your favourite custom firmware? Well, it does mean that, with better support for cm from SE, the experience for all community builds will be smoother and most firmware is built from the CM nightly builds so may not change a great deal.  That said it may have the knock on effect of a lot of users migrating to the official CyanogenMod and leaving the many variants behind.  Either way it will be interesting following what happens from here!

Latest x10 mini news from the XDA forums

It’s been busy over on the XDA forums so here’s an extra roundup of the updates:

The latest x10 mini firmware news from the  XDA forums is as follows:

MiniCM7-2.1.2 – The ‘true CyanogenMod Experience’

MiN-07 | Clipped Stock Eclair 2.1.1.C.0.0 – A cleaned up stock firmware, a number of changes; in particular Zeam launcher has been removed.

If you’ve tested or use the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

Latest x10 mini news from the XDA forums

The latest x10 mini firmware news from the  XDA forums is as follows:

GingerDX |v017| – lightweight  and speedy firmware with optimised DX libraries based on Gingerbread from the CM nightlies

I’m afraid that’s all there is for this week.

If you’ve tested or use the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Support | CyanogenMod

Hi all, sorry about this. I thought that I’d posted this very important update but it was sat in the drafts. A super sized fail for me :-(

Guys, important and fantastic news: we’re going official!

It’s particularly important as they state that SE are involved so should open the door for all sorts of updates and longevity for our handsets.  A big woo hoo all round!

Latest x10 Mini updates

The latest x10 mini firmware news from the  XDA forums is as follows:

Ginger DX v15 – lightweight based on Gingerbread from the CM nightlies

MiniCM7-2.1.1 – based on Cyanogen(mod) 7.1 ‘for the true CyanogenMod Experience’

MiN-06 | Clipped Stock Eclair 2.1.1.C.0.0 – A stripped down stock firmware

E10 SonyBread Seven SP3f – MiniCM with lots of Sony Ericsson Xperia Apps and theming

Cyanogenmod6 MIUI – MiniCM6 made to look like MIUI

If you’ve tested or use any of the firmware listed please give  feedback to other users via the comments.