If you’ve come across this page and haven’t read the section overview (WordPress is stupid and the parent pages don’t always get  clicked on as they look like hover menus) then it might be best to take yourself there and work you way through the process.

Perhaps you have already but if not the most important thing you should do is backup.  This is something I can’t really understand, you would think that Google would have got this right with Android; don’t get me wrong but it’s great that your contacts, emails and calendar are stored in the Google cloud but why oh why did they stop there.  Slowly, with newer versions of Android, they seem to be adding more to the Google cloud but there’s still a lot missing.  You’ll need to backup the following:

  • Browser bookmarks
  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Installed apps
  • Your APNs (your mobile operator’s internet connection settings)
  • Other settings
  • Data within other apps

Later on, once you have root access, you’ll be able to use software that can backup a panacea of apps and data but for now you’ll have to resort to multiple tools for the job.  I use a combination of apps and good old pen and paper.  They include:

  • SMS Backup + (this can also backup the call log but you need to turn it on in the settings)
  • BookMark Sort & Backup
  • Zemna App List Backup
  • APN Backup & Restore

You can find links to each of these over on the Apps page.  You’ll also need to be sure that all your contacts are synced with your Google Account.

Once you’re done you can carry on with the rest of the process; on to the next step Gaining Root Access.

The text below is an outline of the pages to come; for now I’ve just taken some text I gave as advice for an X10 Mini Pro owner so may not be relevant for you.  If you need help for now please get in touch and give me any feedback via the comments!

Gaining Root Access and Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery on the X10 Mini Pro

If you go here you’ll find a download for Windows users. Follow the instructions to gain root access and install recovery. (Root access is a way of accessing the administrator/superuser account and Recovery is a piece of software that you can run when you turn your phone on to flash(install or change) system software).

Once this is installed you can take a higher level backup. I like MyBackup Root, it will let you backup your apps and settings (but I prefer to start fresh and redownload apps using Zemna Applist Backup).

Now your phone is ready you’ll need to choose a custom firmware, there’s quite a lot of choice. I post new releases on this blog so worth looking at the newest posts: for example here’s yesterday’s X10 Mini Pro News. I use MiniCM Pro v16 as v17 doesn’t have an FM radio so am holding off updating for now. Best thing to do is to have some time on your hands and try a few out before connecting your Google Account to see what you think.

Download the zip for the custom firmware and copy it to your SD card. Restart your phone and when you see the Sony Ericsson logo press the back button repeatedly until you enter the black and orange recovery screen. Now you’ll need to wipe data/factory reset and then install the zip file.

If you run into trouble you can always restore the original Sony Ericsson firmware. As you have a U20a I would be careful of any instructions out there using flashtool unless you know it’s firmware for your model. There’s more info on the U20a here. Just use Sony Ericsson PC Companion’s Update section to Repair the phone or SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Software) both can be downloaded from Sony Ericsson’s site.

SEUS downloads: or

2 responses to “Backup!

  1. Hi, Thanks for providing so much of wonderful information on your blog. Its really a great piece of work for all SE users.

    Recently I have updated a custom rom miniCM7-2.1.6.
    Before flashing the custom ram i had taken complete backup of phone with xRecovery. (when i was running official 2.1 on my SE)

    Question now is, How can I restore all those contactcs and SMS which were backed up earlier.
    Please help me

    • Hi, thanks. Unfortunately the xRecovery backup will only be useful for restoring your original setup, to access the data you’d have to restore to stock, root, install xRecovery and restore the backup. Once you’re back at 2.1 with your old data use the other apps listed on this page to backup your call logs, sms messages, etc.

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