Video tutorials

I’m the sort of person who’s happiest following a set of written instructions or working it out as I go along but a lot of people have been requesting video demonstrations so I have recorded a set using the tools available at the time of writing/recording.  Unfortunately the only recording equipment I have available is an old Nokia so apologies for the low quality but you get the idea.

Restoring to stock firmware

Using Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS)

In this video I restore my phone using SEUS, this software can be hard to download as it isn’t listed on the phone downloads but it still supports the phones.

Using Sony Ericsson PC Companion

In this video I restore my phone using Sony Ericsson PC Companion, this is the standard software from Sony Ericsson and is distributed with their phones.  One benefit it has over SEUS is that it tells you the firmware version that has been restored to the phone at the end of the process.

Using Sony Bridge for Mac

In this video I restore my phone using Sony Bridge for Mac, this is the Mac software from Sony Ericsson and recently added the ability to flash firmware.

Bootloader unlocking/locking

Unlocking the bootloader using flashtool (and checking the simlock with the S1 Tool)

All credits go to SpyderX who wrote a guide to this over on the XDA forum.  Links below the video.

Bootloader and kernel guide | X8 | W8 | X10 mini | X10 mini pro| by SpyderX

S1 tool download – the tool listed in the guide is outdated, the up to date file can be downloaded here.

Flashtool homepage

Locking the bootloader using S1 Tool

Before you relock the bootloader restore your phone using SEUS or PC Companion; locking the bootloader with a custom kernel can brick your device!!!

Flashing a custom kernel using flashtool

In this video I flash the nAa-08 kernel onto my phone that I unlocked in the earlier video

nAa-08 – the XDA discussion thread

Flashing an custom firmware using ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM Recovery)

Using the recovery built into the nAa kernel I flash MiniCM7 to my phone


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